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Music Composed by Gabriel Yared

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First time on CD. More than 50 minutes of music, including three previously unreleased cues.
8-page CD booklet with French and English liner notes by Sylvain Pfeffer.

Music Box Records is pleased to present on the same album two original motion picture soundtracks composed by Gabriel Yared and mostly unreleased on CD: Sarah (1983) directed by Maurice Dugowson and Désordre (1986) directed by Olivier Assayas (his first full-length feature). These two scores show Gabriel Yared’s interest in innovative ambiances and sound in his early years of film composing.

For Sarah, Gabriel Yared composed his score around the second movement of Robert Schumann’s Piano Quintet in E-flat major, Op. 44 with its numerous variations. L'anniversaire is Sarah’s other great theme, associated with the character of Gabrielle Lazure. This theme starts out as a little romantic ballad, then becomes coloured with jazz influences. Other pieces are a very well balanced mix of a string orchestra and synthetic sounds which envelop the film in the fantastic.

For Désordre, Gabriel Yared composed his score in a classical vein, dominated by cello. The music becomes the internal voice of the characters, expressing their feelings.

In collaboration with Gabriel Yared, Music Box Records presents for the first time on CD these two expanded scores newly remastered from the original session stereo master tapes.

SARAH (34:12) DÉSORDRE (17:48)
1. L'anniversaire* (1:51)
2. Générique début (1:17)
3. À la recherche de Duparc (1:11)
4. Le retour de Sarah (2:52)
5. Promenade dans l'usine (0:42)
6. Marie dans la nuit (2:10)
7. Quintette pour piano en mi bémol majeur, op. 44 (Robert Schumann)* (2:03)
8. Rencontre de la petite fille (0:36)
9. Le cadavre sur la plage (2:10)
10. L'incendie du décor / La répétition dans le loft (1:51)
11. Les yeux de Sarah (2:19)
12. Arnold Samson / L'amour de Marie et Arnold (3:54)
13. Vers la maison de Marie (0:41)
14. L'azur de Sarah (1:24)
15. Senechal dans les échafaudages (1:56)
16. Le tournage de fin (2:36)
17. Générique de fin (3:53)
18. Générique début (1:35)
19. Au bord de l'autoroute (1:21)
20. J'aime Yvan, seulement Yvan, lui seul (1:11)
21. Anne et Henri au Gibus (1:04)
22. L'accident* (2:04)
23. Le balcon chez Paul / Les quais (1:54)
24. Trop tard pour changer d'avis (1:29)
25. Je ne veux plus vous voir (0:54)
26. Brighton / L'aube à Newhaven (1:24)
27. Anne arrive à New York (0:57)
28. Générique de fin (3:28)

*previously unreleased

Total CD Time • 52:02
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