Emmanuelle 4 • S.A.S. à San Salvador
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Music Composed and Conducted by Michel MAGNE

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For the first time on CD. 
69 minutes of music.
8-page CD booklet with French and English liner notes by Nicolas Magenham.

More than a classic of erotica,
Emmanuelle directed by Just Jaeckin in 1974, made a strong social impact on the middle class of the mid-1970s and became a symbol of the sexual revolution. The film was a box-office success that spawned countless sequels and imitations, both for cinema and television, in which Emmanuelle 4, directed by Francis Leroi in 1984, came high on the list.

Notorious pop and film composers such as Pierre Bachelet, Francis Lai and Serge Gainsbourg composed, respectively, highly respected scores for the first three films. Iconic composer Michel Magne, considered somewhat of a "success maker" composer (Angélique, Marquise des Anges, Le Repos du Guerrier) made his own contribution to this mythic franchise.

Composed shortly before his tragic death, this exotic score offers a fine example of his musical legacy: a gift for catchy tunes with impeccably produced slow dances Oh my belle Emmanuelle and Prisoner of love (performed by David Rose), a passion for romantic and baroque melodies (Bach-anal a must-have pastiche of Bach's style performed by Christiane Legrand), well-produced sophisticated source music (Divina Emanuela, La Pampa) and his interest in experimental music (Fantasme d'Emmanuelle, Le pendule).

Music Box Records pays tribute to Michel Magne with two scores released for the first time on CD. Emmanuelle 4 is coupled with Raoul Coutard's S.A.S. à San Salvador (Terminate with Extreme Prejudice, 1982). The music is arranged by Sergio Renucci and based on the famous cult track Grand thème Malko for all the lovers of 80's funk music.

EMMANUELLE 4 (35:21) S.A.S. À SAN SALVADOR (33:39)
1. Oh my belle Emmanuelle (03:41)
performed by David Rose
2. La Pampa (02:38)
3. Vival-dit-Emmanuelle (01:26)
4. Divina Emanuela (03:15)
performed by Nazaré Pereira
5. Le pendule (00:58)
6. Fantasme d'Emmanuelle (02:09)
7. La bergerie (03:11)
8. Bach-anal (03:32)
performed by Christiane Legrand
9. Brésil my love (01:54)
10. Fuite d'Emmanuelle (03:24)
11. I am Manuela (02:56)
performed by Brien Chelminski
12. L'extase d'Emmanuelle (01:46)
13. Prisoner of love (04:04)
performed by David Rose
14. S.A.S. à San Salvador (03:40)
performed by David Rose
15. Thème cubain (02:55)
16. To be my love (instrumental saxophone) (02:40)
17. Thème Malko (suspens) (02:02)
18. Thème Malko (piscine) (02:14)
19. To be my love (instrumental guitare) (03:31)
20. Musique réception (03:24)
21. Grand thème Malko (05:20)
22. Sex, love and money (04:20)
performed by David Rose
23. To be my love (03:17)
performed by David Rose

Total Time • 69:11