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Music Composed by Étienne Forget

Digipack 3-CD

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A French sci-fi series. Three seasons of 10 episodes acclaimed by viewers and critics alike. An international distribution. A rich thematic music scoring that gradually opens up from one season to the next.

This triple album allows us to (re)discover, not without a certain enthusiastic nostalgia, a sound universe mixing electro and symphonic scoring reminding SciFi feature film blockbusters from the 80’s and 90’s as well as creating full new patterns of sound design all the while maintaining the spirit of recurring musical themes. The sound patterns are reminiscent of the oppressive atmosphere of command bridges and technical passageways of functional spaceships, the human interactions as well as the interstellar vaccum in which the crew is immersed throughout the seasons of the show.

Our purpose was to share with listeners a complete all 3-season version of this amazing original music scoring with seven previously unreleased tracks, both on physical and digital media, giving it the collector status it deserves and extend the digital to a sustainable packaging, preserve a premium feel and give the pleasure of the object in a 3-fold digipak. We wanted to extend the pleasure of the image through this unique medium, to give listeners to read as well as to listen to and to allow the composer to share his artistic intentions, to exchange with the listener the sound as well as the visual universe we have developed for the series.

Welcome to Mars and to the vivid experience of Etienne Forget’s great music score!

1. Mars est au rendez vous
2. L'appel
3. La voute est à toi Volodia
4. Tout au fond
5. Les mains de Goldstein
6. Horizon
7. Sur les traces de Komarov
8. Rapport psychologique
9. Renoncement
10. Paysages martiens
11. Tempête
12. Perdition
13. Seeking True Peace
14. Marines
15. Le seuil
16. Le jour le plus important de votre vie
17. Vladimir Komarov
18. Le silence n'existe pas

1. The Boy in the Garden
2. The Dream
3. Alessandra
4. You'll Forget About Mars
5. Frontier
6. All Is Red
7. Black Gate
8. Lost Again
9. M.A.R.S
10. Ulysse
11. Crossing Worlds
12. Les Outrages Des Hommes
13. Splitting
14. The Cabin
15. Her True Face
16. Is That Really Her?
17. Obsession for Death
18. The End of a Journey
19. Lost Words
20. Trapped in a Dream
21. Open the Gate
22. Alone in the Woods (Bonus Track)

1. Everything Will Be Alright
2. I Choose to be Part of It (Remastered)
3. After the Horizon
4. As Far As I Could
5. The Mountain
6. Black Hole
7. Jeanne's Solitude
8. Nothing Makes Sense
9. Morning Lights Memories
10. Following the Path
11. Peter Is Leaving
12. Jeanne's Childhood Sin
13. The Loop
14. The Most Precious Thing (Remastered)
15. Time Travelling
16. When the Clouds Are Dark (Remastered)
17. This Is Farewell
18. Jeanne
19. Body Language (Bonus Track)
20. Won’t You Tell me (Bonus Track)
21. What are You Hiding? (Bonus Track)
22. And then it Happened (Bonus Track)
23. Fast Checking (Bonus Track)
24. Chasing Jeanne (Bonus Track)

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