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Music Composed by George Fenton

Quartet Records - Limited edition of 500 units

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Quartet Records and MovieScore Media present the new score composed by George Fenton (IN COMPANY OF WOLVES, HIGH SPIRITS, SHADOWLANDS, MARY REILLY) for the film directed by Richard Eyre (NOTES ON A SCANDAL, IRIS, STAGE BEAUTY, this last also scored by Fenton ) and based on the play by Alan Bennett.

ALLELUJAH is a warm and deeply moving story about old age, a film that celebrates the spirit of elderly patients while paying tribute to the deep humanity of the medical staff battling with limited resources against ever-growing demand.

George Fenton provides a delightful, moving, dramatic and highly delicate score with thick orchestral colors, beautifully orchestrated and featuring a haunting main theme.

Allelujah Front Title (3:02)

The Drugs Round (2:50)

Gilpin’s Story (3:33)

We Care (1:48)

The Station (1:24)

The Beth (1:10)

Marginalia (2:06)

Yes George (2:10)

Valentine (1:56)

The Ring (4:26)

Feeding the Ducks (2:20)

Trouble Waking Mr. Coleman (2:17)

The Hill (1:17)

How Many Were There, Alma? (2:42)

Colin and Joe (2:28)

Last Visitor (1:44)

Allelujah End Credits (3:21)

Verdi ‘Come Bid Farewell to Paris (from “La Traviata”) (2:15)

Performed by Ann de Renais and Benjamin Vischal Thapa

English libretto by Richard Eyre and George Fenton

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