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Music Composed by Segun Akinola

Silva Screen 


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Doctor Who Series 13 – The Specials brings together the end of an era for Jodie Whittaker as Doctor Who and also composer Segun Akinola as they both leave the long running programme. This release features the music for Eve Of The Daleks, Legend Of The Sea Devils and the grand finale The Power Of the Doctor. 

Doctor Who show runner Chris Chibnall has paid tribute to composer Segun’s incredible contribution to the series, “Segun made the show’s musical landscape wide-ranging, specific and authentic. In doing so, he’s enlarged what’s possible musically on the show, while bringing in some of the most respected specialist players in the world for these recordings. It’s been a phenomenal workload and a phenomenal achievement”.

Segun Akinola signs off on his four year journey through the Doctor Who universe, “The Series Thirteen Specials are exactly that: special! From Daleks and time-loops to seafaring pirates in China, there are scares, laughs, moments for romance and so much more. All of which leads to the grand farewell for Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor in the centenary special, and also for me as my last episode of ‘Doctor Who’. I wanted it to be a celebration of every series I’ve worked on so there are themes and sounds from series eleven right through to thirteen.”

CD 1 - Eve of the Daleks

1 Here We Are Again

2 Out Of Service

3 I Am Not Nick

4 Deja Vu

5 The Correction

6 Sorry Sorry Sorry

7 Not A Great Plan

8 Took You Long Enough

9 We Will Not Stop

10 We Go Again and We Win

11 The Doctor Cannot Save You

12 A Brilliant Plan

13 Important Stuff to Do

14 Fireworks

CD 2 - Legend of the Sea Devils

1 You Have No Idea What You're Doing 

2 Catching a Whopper

3 Pirate Queen

4 Who Wants to Be Next

5 Celestial Navigation

6 Going Up

7 Say Hello to My Crew

8 This Is Gonna Be Tricky

9 A Good Legend

CD 3 - The Power of the Doctor

1 You Shall Not Disrupt Our Mission

2 We Should Go In

3 Why Would I Ever Trust You

4 Dealing with Multiple Somethings

5 Magnificent Attention to Detail

6 A Calculated Risk

7 Say Hello to My Friends

8 I Am The Doctor

9 We Are Not Finished

10 What’s The Plan

11 Reunite

12 All Hands On Deck

13 Activate Everything

14 She’s The Doctor

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