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Music Composed by Jerry Goldsmith

Intrada - Limited Edition

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World premiere release of early Jerry Goldsmith western score! Columbia Pictures presents in 1959, Fred MacMurray stars with Lin McCarthy, Dorothy Green plus introduction of James Coburn. Charles H. Scanner executive produces and Paul Wendkos directs. Jerry Goldsmith tackles only his third feature film score, his first in color and his first for full orchestra (Black Patch omitted trumpets, City Of Fear dropped most strings). Safecracker (Jim Larsen) en route to prison makes an escape that sees his beloved brother mortally wounded. Also killed in the gunfire is the sheriff’s deputy. Now a fugitive, Larsen trains his way to a new town, assumes a new identity and begins his new life. Romance and success ensue… but so does conflict and the inevitable showdown. Goldsmith launches with dynamic entrance for French horns, allows moment for strings, then takes off and runs with propulsive allegro for unison horns featuring striking device of downward glissando effect that becomes not only trademark throughout score but also of composer’s entire subsequent action-filled career! And action commands attention here with what arguably is Goldsmith’s first major full-bore action cue of his fledgling career, “Trackdown”. Hear those riveting horns lead the charge, then virtuoso trumpets enter the fray with descending horn glissandos again on display. Aggressive percussion, jagged rhythms also become future Goldsmith signatures. Excitement! Many other highlights play out in this long-missing in action gem: expressive solo trumpet writing in “Company Man”, warm love theme featuring expressive oboe during “The Meeting”, lean and clear string writing, sinister material for the villains, propulsive train music, other ideas. Intrada presentation features complete score mastered in mono from print takes courtesy Columbia Pictures, surviving in reasonably good condition despite their age. Several Goldsmith-arranged source cues also appear including composer’s own original rag, heard as recorded for the picture with bullet-damaged saloon piano music grinding to a halt. Informative booklet notes by Jeff Bond plus dramatic cover art utilizing original 1959 Columbia key art campaign add to cool release. Fun trivia: Composer credit in opening of film itself appears as Jerrald Goldsmith. Recorded in December 1958, orchestrations by the composer, Jerry Goldsmith conducts the Columbia Pictures Orchestra. Intrada Special Collection CD available while quantities and interest remain!

01. Main Title (3:01)
02. Escape (1:42)
03. So Long Boy (2:30)
04. Company Man (1:48)
05. The Meeting (1:04)
06. Jake, The Barber (1:00)
07. Wanted For Murder (0:43)
08. New Suit (2:19)
09. Slow Draw (0:40)
10. Special Delivery (6:08)
11. Bitter Thoughts (2:01)
12. Goodbye (1:39)
13. Broken Fence (0:55)
14. Friendly Advice (0:43)
15. Showdown (1:13)
16. Trackdow (3:19)
17. The Ride Home – End Title (0:57)
Total Time: 32:18

Source Music Arranged by Jerry Goldsmith
18. Down In The Valley (0:25)
19. Sweet Betsy From Pike (2:47)
20. Skip To My Lou (2:59)
21. Jerry’s Ragtime (0:55)
Total Source Music Time: 7:07

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