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Music composed by Elmer Bernstein

Intrada - Limited Edition

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CD Premiere of spirited Elmer Bernstein soundtrack from 1986 Ivan Reitman film! Director Reitman follows up his megahit 1984 comic actioner Ghostbusters with romantic thriller featuring megawatt star power: Robert Redford, Debra Winger, Darryl Hannah, Brian Dennehy, Terence Stamp, Steven Hill. Legal Eagles comes with Elmer Bernstein music and and a handful of songs by various artists including star Darryl Hannah featuring in “Put Out The Fire”. Elmer Bernstein anchors with not one but two primary themes, one for the Redford/Winger love story and a brighter, rhythmic tune for Redford’s legal activities, focusing on solving both a murder and art theft. Two other musical ideas figure prominently: the mysterious, sinuous melody with darker shadings for Hannah’s complex character and a charming theme for Hannah’s relationship with her missing father and the painting at the center of the missing art mystery. Each idea carries weight but demanding the spotlight is the dynamic, powerful action climax for the massive gallery fire and climactic rescue sequence. Here Bernstein delivers staccato rhythmic drive from horns under powerful low brass figures drawn from Redford’s legal activities theme played in fortissimo octaves - a Bernstein action cue signature. Soprano sax solos played by Stan Sulzman throughout score are further highlights. Intrada CD premiere presents identical contents and sequence as original MCA label album from 1986, mastered in crisp digital audio from Mitsubishi X-80 format two-track stereo album masters. Bernstein produced seven score selections covering major highlights of film soundtrack. Keith Grant records score at Olympic Studios in London, Shawn Murphy mixes, Chris Palmer & Pat Russ orchestrate, Elmer Bernstein composes, conducts the United Kingdom Symphony. Intrada Special Collection CD available while quantities and interest remain!

01. Legal Eagles Love (Instrumental Theme From Legal Eagles) (2:56)
02. Moving On (2:37)
03. Hypnotic Eyes (3:17)
04. Strange Birthday (3:26)
05. Good Lovin’ (2:30)(Artie Resnick and Rudy Clark Performed by The Rascals)
06. Put Out The Fire (4:01)
(Daryl Hannah and Michel Monteleone) Performed by Daryl Hannah
07. Tom And Kelly (2:49)
08. Scared (4:46)
09. Fire And Rescue (3:58)
10. Magic Carpet Ride (Rushton Moreve and John Kay) Performed by Steppenwolf (4:21)

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