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Music Composed by John Barry

Quartet Records - Limited Edition 


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Quartet Records, in collaboration with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Capitol Records, Universal Music Enterprises and the Phil Ramone estate, present an expanded 2-CD edition of the iconic score for the landmark film MIDNIGHT COWBOY, directed by John Schlesinger in 1969, starring Dustin Hoffman and Jon Voight, and winner of three Academy Awards, including Best Picture.

The musical score of MIDNIGHT COWBOY presented a new concept, widely used in the last decades, but not in the late sixties—a combination of songs and original music wisely developed into a perfect underscore. Renowned British composer John Barry, who had already won three Oscars in 1969, appeared under the credit of “Music Supervisor,” but also composed a series of original cues and supervised the entire musical concept of the film, along with legendary American producer Phil Ramone.

The song “Everybody’s Talkin’,” written by Fred Neil in 1966, was selected as a main theme for the film, newly recorded with arrangements by George Tipton and performed by Harry Nilsson. It became an instant classic and ultimately a generational symbol.

For this new Quartet release, the classic 1969 soundtrack album has been mastered from first-generation master tapes on Disc 1 and supplemented with new mixes made from recently discovered multi-track tapes, that includes some alternate song versions, different vocals of the Nilsson song, and alternate and single versions prepared by John Barry of his famous original theme. On Disc 2 we have included the music (both songs and score) as it appears in the film, mastered from mono elements vaulted at MGM. Score and album were in part different recordings; the harmonica solos, played by Toots Thielman in the film, were played by Tommy Reilly on the album.

This collection has been produced, restored, mixed and mastered by Chris Malone, and the 24-page booklet includes authoritative and exclusive in-depth liner notes by Jon Burlingame.

DISC 1. Original Soundtrack Album
1. Everybody’s Talkin’ Nilsson (2:32)
2. Joe Buck Rides Again John Barry (3:49)
3. A Famous Myth The Groop (3:23)
4. Fun City John Barry (3:52)
5. He Quit Me Lesley Miller (2:45)
6. Jungle Gym at the Zoo Elephants Memory (2:14)
7. Midnight Cowboy John Barry (2:50)
8. Old Man Willow Elephants Memory (7:10)
9. Florida Fantasy John Barry (2:10)
10. Tears and Joys The Groop (2:30)
11. Science Fiction John Barry (1:58)
12. Everybody’s Talkin’ Nilsson (1:56)

Bonus tracks:
13. Midnight Cowboy (Single Version – Alternate) John Barry (2:12)
14. Everybody’s Talkin’ (Alternate) Nilsson (2:34)
15. Fun City (Alternate – Mono) John Barry (3:22)
16. He Quit Me (Alternate) Lesley Miller (2:04)
17. Tears and Joys (Alternate) The Groop (2:38)
18. Everybody’s Talkin’ (Alternate vocal) Nilsson (2:34)
19. Midnight Cowboy (Single Version) John Barry (2:40)

DISC 2. The Film Score
1. Everybody’s Talkin’ (Main Title) Nilsson (2:33)
2. Everybody’s Talkin’ (I’ve Got Places to Go) Nilsson (2:13)
3. Everybody’s Talkin’ (Headin’On Up New York City) Nilsson (1:47)
4. Daydreams and Nightmares John Barry (1:15)
5. Everybody’s Talkin’ (New York City) Nilsson (1:48)
6. Everybody’s Talkin’ (Terrific Shirt) Nilsson (0:37)
7. A Famous Myth The Groop (1:36)
8. Realization John Barry (1:19)
9. Midday and Midnight Cowboy John Barry (1:30)
10. He Quit Me Lesley Miller (1:48)
11. Science Fiction John Barry (1:51)
12. Tears and Joys The Groop (1:16)
13. You’re the Only One, Joe John Barry (1:18)
14. Sunshine and Coconut Milk (Source Music) Toxey French (0:53)
15. Florida Fantasy John Barry (2:10)
16. Orange Juice on Ice (Source Music) P. Williams, P. Ramone, F. Huddleston (1:14)
17. Night Life John Barry (1:21)
18. The Cemetery John Barry (0:39)
19. The Gates of Hell — Flesh, Blood and Smoke Elephants Memory (8:59)
20. Joe Buck Rides Again John Barry (4:01)
21. Everybody’s Talkin’ (Where the Weather Suits My Clothes) Nilsson (1:35)
22. Finale John Barry (1:22)
23. End Titles John Barry (1:02)

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