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Music Composed by John Addison

Quartet Records - Limited Edition of 2000 units 


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Quartet Records and Universal Pictures present the world premiere release of the exciting, charming, classy score composed by John Addison (SWASHBUCKLER, SLEUTH, A BRIDGE TOO FAR, Oscar winner TOM JONES) for this unusual film directed by Herbert Ross. Written by Nicholas Mayer and based on his own novel, the film posits a meet-up between Sherlock Holmes and Sigmund Freud, who while trying to cure the famous detective’s cocaine addiction, becomes involved—along with Dr. Watson—in a most mysterious case. The film stars Nicol Williamson, Robert Duvall, Alan Arkin, Vanessa Redgrave, Laurence Olivier, Joel Grey and Samantha Eggar.
Addison’s score for THE SEVEN-PER-CENT SOLUTION uses elements of pastiche but integrates them easily into his own distinctive voice. Principal themes include a sinuous and harmonically ambiguous idea for Holmes; a lush, romantic theme for Vanessa Redgrave’s character; a Spanish-flavored theme; and, for action scenes, an irrepressible Hungarian czardas. The album also includes the premiere release of a song written by Stephen Sondheim specifically for the film.
John Addison himself prepared an album in 1976, which contained different mixes and edits in some cues for a better listening experience. Although the album was eventually aborted, a private LP produced by Tony Thomas circulated among afficionados. Because this score has been so often requested by fans, for this premiere release we have used all the elements vaulted at Universal, presenting on 2 CDs the score as it was conceived for the film, as well as a generous section of alternates and additional music. We have also included the mock-up album program for its historical value. The entire collection has been painstakingly remixed, restored, assembled and mastered by Mike Matessino. The package includes a 20-page booklet with in-depth liner notes by Frank DeWald and a brief note, written expressly for this release, by Nicholas Meyer.

Disc 1.
Score Presentation
1. Main Title Theme (2:35)
2. 221B Baker Street – Meet Sherlock Holmes (1:05)
3. Flashback / Surprise Visit (0:41)
4. Chapter Headings / Mycroft’s Plan (1:59)
5. Journey To Vienna (Film Version) (2:33)
6. Bergassestrasse (Follow The Clues) (2:06)
7. Introduction To Freud / The Hypnotist (1:51)
8. Cocaine Nightmare Sequence (3:20)
9. Friends (1:03)
10. Tennis Duel (Film Version) (1:18)
11. Fraulein Deveraux (Film Version) (1:36)
12. Flashback / False Trail (4:31)
13. Killer Horses (1:35)
14. The Baron’s Visit (1:12)
15. Abduction Of Fraulein Deveraux (0:46)
16. Lily Trail / Turkish Clue / Flashback (1:25)
17. Orient Express (2:54)
18. The Pasha’s Train (Film Version) (2:56)
19. The Baron’s Revolver / Collision (1:39)
20. Sabre Duel (2:11)
21. The Baron Vanquished (1:14)
22. Flashbacks / Trauma (1:22)
23. End Title Theme (2:10)

Additional Music:
24. Main Title Theme (Film Version) (2:26)
25. Violin Lament (0:30)
26. Ländler (1:26)
27. Viennese Polka (1:05)
28. Valse Sentimentale (1:15)
29. The Madam’s Song (2:06)
30. Sherlock Holmes Passacaglia (Extended Version) (2:08)
31. Cocaine Nightmare (Alternate) (3:48)
32. Tennis Duel (Alternate) (1:21)
33. Sabre Duel (Alternate) (2:12)
34. End Title Theme (Alternate) (2:11)

Disc 2.
Original Soundtrack Program
1. Main Title (2:34)
2. Journey To Vienna (2:27)
3. Follow The Clues (2:03)
4. Fraulein Deveraux (2:16)
5. Rescue By Train (2:40)
6. Cocaine Nightmare (3:20)
7. Duel For A Lady (2:13)
8. Sherlock Holmes Passacaglia (1:27)
9. False Trail (3:36)
10. Tennis Duel (1:54)
11. Tracking The Baron (2:45)
12. The Pasha’s Train (2:47)
13. The Death Of The Baron (2:09)
14. End Title (2:11)

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