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Music Composed by Marco Beltrami

Varèse Sarabande - Limited Edition of 1000 units

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Dracula 2000, was composed by Marco Beltrami (Scream, Mimic, World War Z, Knowing, 3:10 To Yuma). This soundtrack made its official CD debut in our Little Box Of Horrors box set. Now available as a standalone release for the first time ever. The album was mastered by James Nelson from sources provided by the composer. The booklet includes extensive liner notes by Daniel Schweiger.

Lifeboat (Main Title) (2:55)
L2K* / Crossbow (2:19)
Mission Impossible (2:01)
Vault Vixen (3:00)
Coffin’ Blood / Helsing Alarmed (4:58)
The Movable Feast / Come To Daddy (3:41)
Mary And Priest #1 (Mary’s Theme) (2:12)
Mardi Gras In Toronto? (1:30)
River Dance (1:18)
Town Hall Meeting / Cat Out Of The Bag / Lookin’ Sharp / Pussy Whipped (6:34)
Vamps 101 (3:58)
Mary And Priest #2 (1:43)
Vamp On A G String (2:09)
Takes A Vitamin / Drac Hits A High C (2:01)
Marcus Gives Head / Old Blood (3:40)
At Home With The Creeps / Old Man In The C / Goodnight Moon (4:43)
Mary Reads Dad’s Diary (1:13)
Hot Cross Buns / Bible Thumper (5:02)
Trimmin’ The Bush (2:38)
Gang Fang (1:04)
Brotherly Love (4:10)
Tickle Me Elmo / Mary, Mary Quite Contrary / Mary & Drac Left Hangin’ (6:27)
The Sun Also Rises (Film Version) (2:35)
Canned Heat (3:10)
The Sun Also Rises (Short Version) (2:18)