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Music composed by John Debney

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seaQuest DSV: The Deluxe Edition, was composed and conducted by Emmy winning composer, John Debney (Elf, The Orville, Iron Man 2, The Jungle Book). The original (1995) 14 track album has been expanded to 58 tracks and two CDs. The album was remastered by Chas Ferry from the original sources provided by the composer. Disc one features music from the show’s pilot episode, while Disc two features music from selected episodes from Season One curated by John Debney. The deluxe set features eight pages of extensive liner notes from film music journalist Tim Greiving and from the show’s creator Rockne S. O’Bannon.

The series was set in 2018, when a political organization called the United Earth Oceans (UEO) formed in response to the colonization of the deep sea. Keeping peace among the various inter-oceanic conflicts is the grand, futuristic seaQuest DSV (“deep submergence vehicle”). The series was created by Rockne S. O’Bannon and produced by Steven Spielberg.

Limited Collector’s edition of 1500 copies

Disc One — The Pilot

To Be Or Not To Be (Air date: September 12, 1993)

seaQuest Opening Credits (3:29)
seaQuest Arrives (4:01)
Military Welcome (:37)
To The Island (1:30)
Come See Her (1:38)
seaQuest (3:32)
Playon To Seaquest (:37)
Hitchcock Retreats (1:50)
Darwin Speaks (:59)
Stark Prepares (1:02)
Act In To Seaquest (:46)
Transition (:34)
Attack Formation (2:48)
At The Precipice / Into The Rift (7:48)
Stark Plots (:42)
Damage Assessment (:52)
Hyper-Probe (2:05)
Impending Battle / Play On (1:51)
Bridger Returns (2:42)
Battle Stations (2:50)
Caught (1:21)
To The Bottom Of The Sea / A Tag To Bonnie The Bad Girl (6:57)
To The Ocean (4:15)
seaQuest: End Credits (:57)
seaQuest Opening (alternate version with Choir mixed down) (1:45)
seaQuest (alternate version) (1:36)

Disc Two — Season One Highlights

Episode 5: “Brothers And Sisters” (Air date: October 17, 1993)

seaQuest Series Promo (2:33)
Of Treasures In The Deep (1:14)
The Discovery (1:41)
Mind Meld #2 (1:23)
Big Tension (3:38)
Exploring The Depot (1:30)
Saying Goodbye (2:40)
Episode 7: “Knight Of Shadows” (Air date: October 31, 1993)

Into The Ghost Ship (1:43)
The Possesion Of Kristini (2:47)
Lukas Confronts Captain (3:14)
The Forgiving (4:51)
Episode 9: “The Regulator” (Air date: November 21, 1993)

Vern Leaves (2:09)
Monkey Fish (1:42)
Inside Us All (:56)
Episode 21: “The Good Death” (Air date: May 15, 1994)

Attacked (1:12)
Cynthia (1:20)
Drug Store (1:38)
Narrow Escape (1:57)
The Plan (1:41)
Close Call (3:31)
The Escape (4:21)
Darwin Save Malik (1:03)
Cheo Checkmate (1:08)
Episode 20: “Such Great Patience” (Air date: May 15, 1994)

Discovery (2:14)
Of Gods And Astronauts (2:28)
Encounter (1:44)
Wolf In The Fold (1:37)
Intruder (4:28)
Communication (2:29)
Understanding/Possible Pickup (4:31)
Invitation Extended (2:26)
Episode 1: “The Devil's Window” (Air date: September 19, 1993)

seaQuest: End Credits (:35)
Music Composed and Conducted by John Debney