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Music Composed by Mike Moran

Intrada - Limited Edition

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At last! Oft-requested soundtrack from Time Bandits gets world premiere release! Terry Gilliam directs, fellow Monty Python cohorts John Cleese, Michael Palin join Sean Connery, Jim Broadbent, Sir Ralph Richardson, Shelley Duvall, Ian Holm as performers with David Warner playing Evil Genius, Gilliam and Palin script, Mike Moran scores, Handmade Films presents. Imaginative mind of brilliant 11-year old boy creates wild sci-fi time travel tale of group of thieves with stolen map of “time holes” who invade his bedroom  while embarking on the plunder of riches from numerous historical locales. Amongst the events and peoples encountered in their time travels: Napoleon, Robin Hood, King Agamemnon, ancient Greece, the “Titanic”, culminating in a variety of wild action sequences. Composer Mike Moran opens, closes with striking electronic bookends, then embarks on full-blooded symphonic and choral journey through time and history with rousing music that incredibly was all previously unreleased until this Intrada premiere! Numerous highlights abound, amongst them classically-limbed period music for Napoleon in battle, haunting modal-flavored theme for ancient Mycenae in Greece, darkly menacing orchestral music for Evil Genius, many other musical treasures. Spotlight goes to lengthy “Escaping The Cell” portion of “Entrance Into The Fortress Of Darkness”: Here all manner of percussion come front and center, each recorded on their own channels requiring degree of complex mixing. Also deserving attention is exciting series of action cues for battles inside the Fortress of Darkness, recorded in numerous shorter sections also requiring considerable editorial assembly. Thrilling brass rhythms, fanfares are name of the game! Stirring, flavorful ending song “Dream Away” by George Harrison also included! Entire score and final song presented in dynamic stereo from original first-generation session mixes courtesy composer and Handmade Films. Highly informative notes by Scott Bettencourt enhance colorful booklet designed by Kay Marshall which includes film’s iconic “key artwork” campaign on front cover. Harry Rabinowitz serves as musical director, John Richards records at CTS Studios in England, Mike Moran composes & orchestrates. Intrada Special Collection CD available while quantities and interest remain!

01. Opening Titles (1:28)
02. Dwarves Entrance (0:58)
03. Supreme Being Music (0:50)
04. Kevin Escapes From Barn (1:27)
05. Castiglione Entrance (Napoleon) (4:26)
06. Sherwood Forest (2:29)
07. Evil’s Grotto (4:05)
08. Entrance Into Mycenae (2:55)
09. Escape From “Titanic” (1:26)
10. Time Of Legend (1:03)
11. Ogre Sequence (0:34)
12. Giant Rising Out Of Ocean (0:50)
13. Entrance Into The Fortress Of Darkness (8:26)
14. Map Rescue (3:38)
15. Evil Battle Medley (4:12)
16. Tank Battle (2:00)
17. Evil’s End Music (0:43)
18. Ascension Of Supreme Being (0:41)
19. Closing And “Dream Away” (George Harrison) (5:12)

The Extra:
20. Maderna’s Theme (0:20)

Tota Time: 48:12