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Music composed by James Newton Howard

Intrada - Limited edition


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Greatly expanded 2-CD release of powerful James Newton Howard score! Dramatic 1993 film from Disney’s Touchstone Pictures dramatizes harrowing real-life tale of 1972 Uruguay rugby team enroute to match in Chile when their plane crashes in the Andes mountains of Argentina. The survivors undergo incredible ordeal against freezing elements, starvation and the depths of depression. Famed producer Frank Marshall steps into director’s chair, guides cast led by Ethan Hawke through treacherous paces in struggle to survive against all odds. James Newton Howard found inspiration for primary themes in both magnificent locales and indomitable will of crash victims to survive… at any cost. But emotionally rich music is balanced by intense and aggressive material as well. Highlights both tender and terrifying abound: Gentle minor key “Home” theme underlines sadness of freezing survivors quiet thoughts while intense, previously unreleased “Tomorrow We Climb” punctuates desperate attempt to scale icy peaks. Howard recorded over 100 minutes of dynamic orchestral music, including over 70 minutes for the film plus another half hour of revisions and alternates to accommodate editorial changes made during post production. Due to contractual restrictions, only 30 minutes of highlights were made available on the Hollywood label at time of film’s release. Now, courtesy of Walt Disney and James Newton Howard, Intrada happily presents entire score plus revisions from pristine Mitsubishi 32-track digital scoring session masters plus two-track digital stereo mixes made by scoring engineer Shawn Murphy at Todd-AO Scoring during September 1992. Amongst other previously unreleased highlights: Tense “Post Avalanche” sequence, rhythmic “Digging Out” cue, two versions of entire “Final Climb” music, inspiring “:Saved” climax, many others. During special October 8, 1992 scoring session, Howard recorded two versions of exciting, propulsive “Trailer” sequence for theatrical promotions of the film, melding main theme with powerful new material to create rousing mini-overtures. Intrada includes both of these as well. Original 1993 album also appears to complete the exciting package. Tim Greiving offers literate notes with contributions from the composer, Kay Marshall creates the dramatic package. Orchestrations by Chris Boardman, Mark McKenzie, Brad Dechter, James Newton Howard. Marty Paich conducts, James Newton Howard composes. Intrada Special Collection 2-CD set available while quantities and interest remain!

CD 1
01. Trailer (Version No. 2) (2:04)
02. Main Title (Opening Theme) (0:25)
03. The First Night (Alternate) (4:11)
04. The Dead (1:24)
05. Home (1:48)
06. Nando Awakes (2:21)
07. Silent Night (1:47)
08. You’re The Leader (1:11)
09. Nando And Carlitos (Revised) (1:51)
10. Tomorrow We Climb (2:36)
11. Rosary Montage (3:39)
12. Susana’s Coat (Revised) (0:52)
13. Are You Ready? (1:16)
14. Eating (5:14)
15. Second Climb (1:49)
16. Frozen Climbers (1:58)
17. Sledding (0:39)
18. Burning Money/Lilliana (3:00)
19. Post Avalanche (3:01)
20. Carlito’s Birthday (0:41)
21. Sunlight/Digging Out (Revised) (3:51)
22. Alberto (1:50)
23. Finding The Tail (3:17)
24. The Mirror (Alternate) (1:03)
25. Nando Carries Roy (1:56)
26. Final Climb Pt. 1 & Pt. 2 (Revised No. 2) (6:30)
27. I’m Going Back (Revised) (2:29)
28. I Love You, Man* (0:52)
29. It’s God (Alternate) (2:39)
30. Saved (Original) (3:03)
31. End Credits (Closing Theme) (3:07)
CD 1 Total Time: 73:31
*Not featured in film
CD 2
The Extras
01. The First Night (Original) (4:12)
02. The First Night (Album Take) (4:10)
03. Nando And Carlitos (Original) (1:35)
04. Susana’s Coat (Original) (0:58)
05. Digging Out (Original) (2:03)
06. The Mirror (Original) (1:04)
07. Final Climb Pt. 1 & Pt. 2 (Original) (6:36)
08. Final Climb Pt. 1 & Pt. 2 (Revised No. 1) (6:29)
09. I’m Going Back (Original) (2:45)
10. It’s God (Original) (2:43)
11. Saved (Alternate) (3:18)
12. Trailer (Version No. 1) (1:58)
Extras Time: 38:14

Original 1993 Soundtrack Album
13. The First Night (4:10)
14. Home (0:58)
15. Nando Awakes (2:20)
16. Finding The Tail (3:28)
17. Alberto (1:48)
18. Eating (5:03)
19. Are You Ready? (1:14)
20. Frozen Climbers (1:53)
21. It’s God (2:43)
22. The Final Climb (3:28)
23. End Title (3:05)
Original Album Time: 30:36
CD 2 Total Time: 69:01

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