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Music composed by George Duning / Lyn Murray

Quartet Records - Limited Edition of 1000 units

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Quartet Records and Paramount Pictures present the world premiere release of two enjoyable scores for catchy sex comedies from 1963!
Who’s Been Sleeping in My Bed? was a Dean Martin vehicle about an actor playing a surgeon on a popular TV series who is routinely chased by female fans, including the unhappy wives of his best pals. Co-starring Elizabeth Montgomery, Martin Balsam, Jill St. John and Carol Burnett, the film was directed by Daniel Mann and written by Jack Rose. The phenomenal music score was composed by the great George Duning (Bell, Book and Candle; Cowboy; The Devil at 4 O’Clock; 3:10 to Yuma), in his third film with Dean Martin, following Who’s Got the Action? and Toys in the Attic. It features an infectious, Gershwin-influenced main theme, romantic cues, cocktail tunes and descriptive music.
Wives and Lovers, directed by John Rich and starring Janet Leigh, Van Johnson, Shelley Winters and Martha Hyers, is about a struggling author (Johnson) and his wife who suddenly become wealthy and move to the suburbs. Their divorced neighbor and her "companion" plant seeds of suspicion in the wife that almost lead to a divorce. The score was composed by Lyn Murray (To Catch a Thief, The Bridges at Toko-Ri, On the Threshold of Space), who provides a terrific jazz-influenced score, with a memorable main theme with some similarities to the “exotica” recordings of Les Baxter. Although Burt Bacharach and Hal David were hired to compose a promotional song that was not included in the film but in the trailer, it has not been included on this CD for contractual reasons.
Lukas Kendall has produced this 75-minute album, remixed and restored by Michael McDonald from mostly stereo master tapes vaulted at Paramount, with additional restoring and mastering by Chris Malone. The 12-page booklet includes detailed liner notes by Jim Lochner.
"Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed?"
01. Main Title (1:50)
02. All in a Day’s Work (1:29)
03. Why Should We / Bow Low / No Luck, Mona (0:39)
04. You Dog You / Trouble in the Offing / Easy Boy (1:08)
05. Jackie’s Problem (1:48)
06. Egg Trance / Keyhole Charlie / A TV Admirer (1:52)
07. Toby’s Tune (1:52)
08. It’s Part of the Game (0:30)
09. I’m in the Mood for Love / Clumsy Operation (2:41)
10. Puzzled Girl / Goodbye (0:38)
11. Mambo Improvisation (1:21)
12. Sayonara (0:44)
13. A Helpless Case / A TV Operation (1:48)
14. Gesundheit / Frustration (1:07)
15. Can’t Sleep / Incognito / Psychopsytrist (1:44)
16. Reception (2:17)
17. Siren Music (2:12)
18. A Woman’s Wiles / Tijuana Bound (0:31)
19. Bongo Stuff (1:35)
20. Persistent Stella (0:45)
21. Jason’s Decision / Finale and End Title (long version) (0:52)
Bonus Tracks
22. Tangerine Intro (0:18)
23. Tangerine (stripper music) (2:55)
24. Finale and End Title (short version) (0:25)

Wives and Lovers
25. Main Title / West 87th Street / Garbage Shtick (2:25)
26. Lucinda / An UPU Production (3:17)
27. Hamburger and Mink / Connecticut Caper (2:09)
28. Rug Scene (1:00)
29. Wives and Lovers (piano tempo version) (2:41)
30. Lucinda (rhythm version) (2:49)
31. Dinner at Nine (0:26)
32. Wives and Lovers (2:16)
33. Reluctant Hostess / Double Vodka Mart (0:53)
34. Julie / Hung Time (2:06)
35. Enter Miss Ford / Cowardly Phone (0:40)
36. Yoked / Verdict / Woozy Time (1:31)
37. You Look Too Good Etc. (2:36)
38. Presbyterian Fern (1:05)
39. My Dirty Girl / Mrs. Swanson Fired / Opening Night (1:18)
40. Ask Mr. Driburg (1:12)
41. Finale (0:28)
Bonus Tracks
42. Mrs. Swanson (unused transitions) (1:09)
43. Lucinda (piano tempo version) (2:38)
44. Wives and Lovers (piano freely) (2:24)
45. Lucinda (piano freely) (2:50)
46. Lucinda (bossa version) (2:06)
Total Disc Time: 75:09
Limited Collector’s Edition of 1000 units.