L'Incorrigible • Va voir maman, papa travaille
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Music Composed and Conducted by Georges Delerue

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63 minutes of music, featuring 15 minutes of previously unreleased music.
New sequencing and new sound mastering.
8-page CD booklet with liner notes in english by Frédéric Gimello-Mesplomb.

Music Box Records is very proud to announce the release of L’Incorrigible / The Incorrigible (1975), directed by Philippe de Broca (a long-time collaboration over 30 years) and Va voir maman, papa travaille / Your turn, my turn (1978) directed by François Leterrier. These two soundtracks are available for the first time on CD in expanded editions with a new sequencing and a new sound mixing.

The scores written for the movies of Philippe de Broca, whose qualities were long unknown to cinema enthusiasts and even to amateurs of the music of Georges Delerue, always oscillate between irony and tenderness. The score of L'Incorrigible is light, always ironic, never redundant with the image. The music for small orchestra takes tones sometimes of a detective movie, sometimes Andalusian, sometimes bucolic. A piano version of the love theme Tendre Marie-Charlotte played by Georges Delerue is included in this release.

The music of Va voir maman, papa travaille (directed by François Leterrier) contains a romantic “modal color” characteristic of the work of Georges Delerue during the same period. This score is enhanced with several “pop-rock” pieces which sends back to what Georges Garvarentz, Michel Magne, Michel Colombier or François de Roubaix would produce at the same period. For Va voir maman, papa travaille, the CD offers a complete 30-minute score.


1. Générique (1:19)
2. Tendre Marie-Charlotte (2:24)
3. Victor traite une affaire (1:10)
4. Le tango de Victor le séducteur (1:03)
5. Le rendez-vous du Colibri (1:37)
6. Victor chez Hélène (1:24)
7. Lieder: Das leben ist ein traum/Komm, wir wandeln zusammen/Katarina di stresa/Die zu späte ankunft der mutter/Schilfield (8:35)
8. Menuet pour Hélène (1:19)
9. Sortie de prison (1:26)
10. Le retour au bercail (0:55)
11. Le petit cirque (1:32)
12. El Greco (1:21)
13. Camille prépare son coup (1:40)
14. Imprévisible dénouement (2:34)
15. Victor et Camille au Mont Saint-Michel (2:21)
16. Thème d’amour* (piano : Georges Delerue) (2:06)

17. Générique début (2:15)
18. Serge et Marianne (1:57)
19. Au parc de Thoiry* (1:49)
20. Christine** (1:32)
21. Surprise partie (2:53)
22. Vincent et Agnès (2:13)
23. Zoo musette* (2:27)
24. Agnès amoureuse* (1:57)
25. Week-end avec Vincent* (2:09)
26. Hôtel du Parc* (2:52)
27. Promenade* (1:23)
28. Futurissimo (3:25)
29. Générique fin (2:37)

Total Time • 63:19

* previously unreleased
** contains unreleased material