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Music Composed by Vladimir Cosma

Disques Cinémusique - Limited Edition of 500 units

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With about 200 scores for film and television to his credit, Vladimir Cosma doesn’t really need presentation as his fame is considerable, at least for European audiences. His name is mainly associated with 1970s and 1980s French films whose success sometimes extended to English countries in their subtitled version. They often starred Pierre Richard, Gérard Depardieu or Louis de Funès, and were directed by Yves Robert, Francis Veber or Claude Zidi. They include The Tall Blond Man With One Black Shoe, The Goat, The Closet, Les Compères, Diva, The Wing and the Thigh, The Adventures of Rabbi Jacob and The Dinner Game.

Cosma is known primarily as the grand master of comedic film music and it’s in this capacity that we present these two original soundtracks which have never before appeared on CD. Jean-Michel Ribes’ La Galette du roi (The King’s Cake), released in 1986, revolves around the maneuvers of  the penniless king of a paradisiacal island, who is eager to marry his daughter to the son of a wealthy industrialist.

Vladimir Cosma’s large orchestral score is appealing right from the first track, which states the main theme. While the compositions remain simple, usually built on the alternation of chorus and verse, as songs without words, their melodic line and the quality and variety of their arrangements bear the stamp of an outstanding creator. Many tracks display great panache and elegance despite the wacky nature of the plot. In a few others, the listener can feel only a hint of the tongue-in-cheek intention, while some source music reflect celebration and dance. The mambo, performed by a jazzy big band, gets the lion's share in La Galette du roi.

For 1987 Jacques Monnet‘s Promis… juré! (Yes, Cross My Heart!), an entertaining film acted mainly by children, Vladimir Cosma delivered a concise but highly melodic and richly orchestrated score. In addition to a large strings section, he uses uncommon instruments, quite appropriate for the setting: tin whistle, guitar, Jew’s harp, and especially the Northumbrian pipe. The peculiar orchestration gives the Promis…juré! soundtrack a strong country, almost rustic flavor, seemingly rooted in the middle ages. In short, this is vintage Cosma. Limited edition of 500 licensed by Larghetto Music. Color insert with 6-page folder.


La Galette du roi (The King's Cake)
1. La galette du roi (02:49)
2. Valse de Corsalina (02:45)
3. Harris panique (02:03)
4. Léo et Maria-Helena (01:02)
5. La passion d'Utte (01:00)
6. La soeur du Dalaï Lama (01:59)
7. Hymne du Bakoundé (01:23)
8. Ma main, le nain ! (01:07)
9. Le rapt de Marie-Hélèna (01:12)
10. Marche nuptiale (02:02)
11. Le Guguyavo (01:46)
12. Besos locos (03:53) V. Cosma / J.-M. Ribes
13. Danemark mambo (02:03)
14. Mambo de l'élégant (02:56)
15. Tango d'Arnold III (02:56)
16. Le triomphe des gardes du corps (02:09)
Promis… juré! (The King's Cake)
17. Thème de Pierre-Marie (04:04)
18. Pierre-Marie et Fredo (03:10)
19. Le cadeau volé (03:17)
20. Le grand bateau blanc (03:11)

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