Afrik'aïoli • Travail d'arabe • Les 4 saisons d'Espigoule
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Music Composed by Michel KORB

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65 minutes of music, including 30 minutes of music never released before.
8-page CD booklet with film director Christian Philibert's statement.

Music Box Records presents on the same CD three original motion picture soundtracks for Christian Philibert's films: Afrik'aïoli (2013), Travail d'Arabe (2003) and Les 4 Saisons d'Espigoule (1999) composed by Michel Korb (Michel Muller's Hénaut Président and Samuel Benchetrit's Chez Gino).

Les 4 saisons d'Espigoule tells the story of a picturesque village in the South of France. The small-budget cult movie was a critical and box office success (more than 100.000 spectators) in 1999. His second movie, Travail d'Arabe, tells the story of ex-con Momo who works in a family business heating company run by two crooked brothers. Afrik'aïoli reunites the two main characters from Espigoule and Travail d'Arabe (Jean-Marc Ravera and Mohamed Medina) and takes place in Senegal, Africa. It follows the trials and tribulations of three people who get to know each other in spite of their cultural differences.

Michel Korb gives to Christian Philibert's films the farcical dimension with lyrical and poetical touches and integrates ethnical and mediterranean touches in each score. For Travail d'Arabe, the score is filled with western references and oriental music. With Afrik'aïoli, the sequel of 4 Saisons d'Espigoule, Michel Korb re-uses some of his memorable themes by integrating new ones with strong thematic and harmonic ideas. Each score is filled with sweet orchestrations, musical treasures and with a great ability of writing striking melodies.

Enjoy these quirky and entertaining scores all composed by Michel Korb!

1. La berceuse de Jean-Marc (0:23)
2. Espigoule se tire ailleurs (2:01)
3. En route pour Kaolack (0:55)
4.La balade des Toubabs (1:04)
5.Le match de foot (1:17)
6.Le réveil de Momo (1:00)
7. Modou taxi (2:40)
8. Au cœur de l'Afrique (2:03)
9. Gare aux crocos (0:37)
10. Partie de pêche (1:30)
11. À table ! (0:55)
12. L'île aux oiseaux (1:43)
13. Afrik'aïoli (2:20)
14. Western (1:15)
15. Du rififi chez les Gutti (1:08)
16. Nouveau départ (1:11)
17. Batavia au travail (0:37)
18. Comme si... (1:58)
19. Gilou s'affole (1:40)
20. Les vendanges (3:25)
21. L'expertise (1:01)
22. À l'américaine (2:10)
23. Jacques attaque (2:06)
24. Momo le héros (1:21)
25. Travail d'arabe (2:57)
26. Le phacomochère (1:55)
27. Le village (1:25)
28. Partie de chasse (2:11)
29. La coupe de bois (1:47)
30. Le café du cours (0:53)
31. Il neige à Espigoule (1:25)
32. C'est Noël (1:13)
33. Le loto (1:48)
34. La campagne de Jacques (1:06)
35. A voté (0:38)
36. Monsieur le député (0:58)
37. La transhumance (2:38)
38. Coupette d'été (0:49)
39. Le mariage (2:12)
40. Manège (1:06)
41. Les 4 saisons d'Espigoule (3:26)

Total Time : 65:58

 CD review:

"Outside of John Powell’s Rio scores, you’re not likely to hear a more delightful jungle of tropical instruments than the ethnic winds and percussion spread out through these three scores on Music Box’s assemblage of the music of Michel Korb – perhaps France’s most interesting proponent of ethnomusicology outside of Maurice Jarre (…). Michel Korb excels at in this ethnically jazzy three-ring circus of musical delight." (Daniel Schweiger, Film Music Magazine)