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Music Composed by Goblin


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This release includes the original soundtrack  of the spy movie Notturno (aka  Spy Connection – Geheimkommando C.I.A.) directed by Giorgio Bontempi, starring Tony Musante, Claudio Cassinelli, Omero Antonutti, Fiorenza Marchegiani and Maurizio Merli. Tony Musante plays the role of a man who is blackmailed. Since he is a sharpshooter and able to see in the darkness two British agents kidnap his daughter to force him to assassinate a highly guarded KGB official.  The soundtrack composed by the Goblin gives the perfect music background to this nocturnal suspence. The band builds an electronic dimension  with fascinating progressive music elements. Persistent rhythms are alternated to softer tracks where the piano creates a noble, elegant and romantic atmosphere. This reissue includes seven previously unreleased tracks.

1.           Nocturne 04:11
2.           Bass Theme 03:20
3.           Landing Strip 03:02
4.           Helycopter 05:48
5.           Est 06:16
6.           Landing Strip (reprise) 07:05
7.           Helycopter (reprise) 02:48
8.           Nocturne (take 1) 02:58
9.           Nocturne (take 2) 02:31
10.         Nocturne (take 3) 04:04
11.         Nocturne (take 4) 01:18
12.         Nocturne (take 5) 01:50
13.         Nocturne (take 6) 02:53
14.         Nocturne (take 7) 01:39

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