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Music Composed by Ennio Morricone

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The Chosen (Holocaust 2000) is a 1977 horror film directed by Alberto De Martino featuring a stellar cast that saw Kirk Douglas in the role of Robert Caine, a wealthy industrialist faced with the danger of a nuclear disaster planned by none other than the antichrist himself. Engaged in the design of a nuclear power plant in the Third World, Caine's opponents begin to disappear one by one, but soon the plot will take an unexpected turn.

Ennio Morricone, two-time Oscar winner (first for his career and then for the soundtrack of Quentin Tarantino's The Hateful Eight), composed a score dominated by poignant themes and orchestrations devoid of cloying sentimentality that emerge in the opening credits amidst expansive collisions of sound that characterize the composer's experimental genius with a mellifluous flute and a female choir producing a dramatic and dazzling tension, giving further proof of the talent of this extraordinary musician in understanding cinematic signals and translating them into musical tapestries.

The Chosen (Holocaust 2000) is now available in this ultimate edition complete with unreleased material, and to distinguish it from prior releases that are now out of print, the CD is in the historic CDCR series (Compact Disc Collector Release) with original artwork by Alessio Iannuzzi, mastering by Enrico De Gemini and liner notes by Fabio Babini.

1. Serie di tre 1:44
2. Da mille echi un grido 1:52
3. Slogan 1:36
4. Festa all'ambasciata 1:21
5. Ritorno di suoni 1:14
6. Serie di tre 1:47
7. Centrale nucleare 2:10
8. Strofa monodica 2:23
9. Il male 2:17
10. Holocaust 1:14
11. Slogan 1:36
12. Holocaust 1:32
13. Slogan 1:34
14. Holocaust 0:55
15. Strofa monodica 1:35
16. Il male 1:34
17. Falsamarea 2:02
18. Jesus 2:56
19. Falsamarea 2:52
20. Telefonata interrotta 1:23
21. Il bene cattivo 2:16
22. Strofa monodica 2:02
23. Il bene cattivo 2:49
24. Il bene cattivo 1:47
25. Il male 2:23
26. Jesus 2:29
27. Computer 2:44
28. Camera anodizzata 3:46
29. Da mille echi un grido 1:40
30. Falsamarea 2:01
31. Holocaust 2:30
32. Serie di tre * 3:28
33. Da mille echi un grido * 1:52
TT 69:16