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Music Composed by Paul Misraki

Music Box Records - Limited Collector’s Edition • Sold Out

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New remastered expanded edition. 40 minutes of music, including 7 previously unreleased tracks.
CD booklet with liner notes by Nicolas Magenham.

In collaboration with Gruppo Sugar, Music Box Records is pleased to present the expanded score from the original motion picture Jean-Claude Brialy's Les Volets clos (Closed Shutters) composed by Paul Misraki in 1973.

Composer Paul Misraki was born in Constantinople (Turkey) to French parents of Italian descent, and showed an early aptitude for music. During the years of occupation, Paul Misraki emigrates to South America and then to Hollywood, where he tries to popularize the French song with his band The Collegians. In addition to writing successful popular songs, Paul Misraki also kept himself busy by penning over 140 film scores in a great variety of popular genres from adventure films to spy thrillers and romantic dramas. He worked with many of the leading directors: Orson Welles's Mr. Arkadin (1955, also known as Confidential Report), Roger Vadim's And God Created Woman (1956), Claude Chabrol's Cousins (1959), Bernard Borderie’s Les Trois Mousquetaires (1961), Jean-Pierre Melville's Le Doulos (1962) and Jean-Luc Godard's Alphaville (1965), as well as films for Jacques Becker, Jean Renoir and Luis Buñuel.

For Les Volets clos, Paul Misraki composed a very charming and nostalgic score with the unforgettable hit song performed by French singer Nicoletta. The score also features some exquisite lounge, source and jazz cues.

The soundtrack was previously released by CAM on LP in 1973 and on CD in 1996 with only a 12-minute suite. This CD release features the expanded score, mastered from the master tapes, courtesy of Gruppo Sugar and presents 7 previously unreleased tracks.


1. Les Volets clos (version album) (2:32) Performed by Nicoletta
2. Les Volets clos (Jazz au bordel)* (1:18)
3. Les Volets clos (La fatma)* (1:25)
4. Le port, la nuit (2:33)
5. Les Volets clos (Les rendez-vous)* (1:21)
6. C'est la fête (0:59)
7. Java et musette (1:30)
8. Partie de campagne (1:49)
9. Souvenirs Tziganes (4:31)
10. Tangorama (2:31)
11. Thème d'amour (3:21)
12. Entrée de Thomas (1:36)
13. À deux* (1:20)
14. Casbah (1:48)
15. Les Volets clos (Champagne orange)* (0:53)
16. Les Volets clos (Far West Lupanar)* (1:31)
17. Les Volets clos (Le plus vieux métier du monde)* (0:47)
18. Thomas ivre (2:45)
19. Fin de soirée (1:15)
20. Final (1:18)
21. Les Volets clos (instrumental) (2:34)

* previously unreleased

Total Time • 40:28

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