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Music composed by Maurice Jarre

Intrada - Limited edition

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Rare find! Exciting, flavorful score by Maurice Jarre in epic-style for 1992 Rou Tomono film gets premiere release on CD! Japan soldier (Masaya Kato) helps finance military invasion of Manchuria, then becomes caught up in both romance with Chinese rebel leader (Diane Lane), conflict with Chinese mafia leader (Yuen Biao). Jarre writes to all three elements with powerful symphonic score that features large orchestra, multiple harps, pianos, synthesizer, shakuhachi, Chinese sheng, pipa, erhu, Chinese lute, 13-string koto, 3-string samisen, EVI & EWI (Electronic Valve & Wind Instruments) plus mammoth orchestral percussion section including full tympani, 2 large bass drums, 2 taiko drums, odaiko drum and huge da-daiko drum. Jarre frames with rousing "Main Title", equally exciting "End Credits", then embarks on dynamic journey with motifs both epic, haunting. Rhythmic action music also has plenty to say. Truly powerful Maurice Jarre score! Entire CD presented from pristine-condition, two-track digital stereo session mixes recorded by Shawn Murphy at UCLA's Royce Hall in late June & July 1991 and mixed at Sony Pictures Studios. Long-time Jarre orchestrator Patrick Russ assists with production, Jim Lochner offers informative liner notes, Joe Sikoryak designs dramatic packaging. Maurice Jarre conducts. Intrada Special Collection CD available while quantities and interest remain!

01. Main Title (Revised) (2:37)
02. Tatsuma (10:59)
03. Imperial Army (4:01)
04. Lian (8:03)
05. Manchuria (12:02)
06. Tougetsu (9:27)
07. End Credits (6:05)
Total Time: 53:11
The Extras
08. Puyi (0:29)
09 Yamashita (0:33)
10. Main Title (Original) (2:36)
Total Extras Time: 3:42

Total CD Time: 57:01

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