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Music Composed by Miklos Rozsa

Film Score Monthly - Limited Edition of 3000 units


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This 2CD set features two Miklós Rózsa scores for chivalrous knights and dashing swordsmen: Knights of the Round Table and The King's Thief.

Knights of the Round Table (1953) was M-G-M's first CinemaScope production, a colorful telling of the Arthur-Guinevere-Lancelot love triangle that has since been filmed as Excalibur (1981) and First Knight (1995). Robert Taylor, fresh from the studio's hit Ivanhoe, was cast as Lancelot, opposite Ava Gardner as Guinevere, and Miklós Rózsa was likewise recalled to the genre for one of his legendary action-adventure outings. Rózsa provided a complex score for large orchestra, with bountiful themes for knights and ladies, and extended action cues for sprawling battles.

A previous release of Knights on a Varese Sarabande LP and CD was an English recording (conducted by Muir Matheson) that was at one time intended for the film. FSM's CD features the premiere release of the original film soundtrack as conducted by Miklós Rózsa (and to a lesser extent John Green) in Los Angeles.

The King's Thief (1955) was a late attempt at the swashbuckling genre, with Edmund Purdom as an outlaw thief (with noble intentions) and a young Roger Moore as his right-hand man. Rózsa rose to the occasion with a majestic main theme and rollicking action cues, as well as romance for the love interest. Suspense figures prominently in an 18-minute prison escape sequence.

FSM's premiere release of both Rózsa gems features the complete underscore to Knights of the Round Table on disc one; and the complete underscore to The King's Thief; alternate and source cues from The King's Thief; and then alternate and source cues from Knights of the Round Table on disc two. Both CDs are entirely in stereo, and the thorough liner notes are by Jeff Eldridge. The two CDs are packaged in a regular-sized jewel box.

    Music Composed and Conducted by Miklós Rózsa


    Knights of the Round Table
    Prelude/Excalibur** 3:58
    King of England*/On the Road*/Modred's Plot 2:37
    Lancelot and Elaine* 2:05
    Lancelot and Arthur/Chivalry** 4:51
    Percival 2:33
    To the Battlefields*/Prelude to War 2:25
    First Battle 5:15
    Defiance/Guinevere/Good Knight/Farewell 2:38
    Cortege/Queen's Champion 2:04
    Happy Island/Court Life/Court Dance #1/Court Dance #2 2:45
    Hawking/Sacrifice 4:43
    Departure 2:34
    Pict Battle 4:01
    The Quest/Distant Thoughts/Dreams 6:36
    Merlin's Death/Homecoming 2:03
    Proclamation Fanfare/Jousting Fanfare/Pillow Fight Fanfare 0:57
    Egg Dance/Wager/Nocturnal Visit 2:48
    Discovered/Devastation 4:10
    Morte D'Arthur/Resignation/To the Death! 9:00
    Holy Grail/Finale 1:50

    Total Disc Time: 70:31


    The King's Thief
    Prelude/Foreword 1:49
    Bad News/Holdup 2:59
    Robbery 0:47
    Secrets 1:56
    Escape/Camouflage 1:26
    Pursuit 3:07
    Evidence 1:45
    Defeat 2:50
    Plots and Plans 1:47
    Mission/Frameup/Prison/ Chimney/Breakthrough/Belltower/Descent 18:43
    Ransom/Discovered 1:22
    Duel/Finale 3:27

    Total Time: 42:25

    The King's Thief Bonus Tracks
    Prelude/Foreword (original version) 1:48
    Pursuit (revision) 2:28
    Frameup (revision) 1:51
    Breakthrough (revision) 0:37
    Gaming Room 5:51
    Tavern Music 1:31

    Total Time: 14:22

    Knights of the Round Table Bonus Tracks
    Prelude (alternate performance)* 2:22
    Excalibur (original version)* 1:36
    Modred's Plot (original version)* 1:39
    Prelude to War (alternate performance)* 1:18
    First Battle (original version)* 5:48
    Christmas Carol/Christmas Chimes 2:58
    Source Music Suite 5:42

    Total Time: 15:54

    Total Disc Time: 78:24

    *Conducted by John Green

    **Contains Portion Conducted by John Green

FSM-VOL.6, N.7