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Music Composed and Performed by Jérôme Lemonnier

La Majeur - Digipack

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Original Motion Picture Soundtracks from the films of Denis DERCOURT: The Page Turner (2006), Tomorrow at Dawn (2009), La Chair de ma Chair (2013), Zum Geburtstag (A Pact) (2013), En Équilibre (2015)

Born in Paris in 1961, Jérôme Lemonnier is a composer of theme music. After studies to the Higher National Conservatory for Music and Dance of Paris he composes for the theater, the television and the song through numerous collaborations. In 2006, he writes his first score for a movie, The Page Turner directed by Denis Dercourt, with whom he continues since a close collaboration (Demain dès l'Aube, La Chair de ma Chair, Pour ton Anniversaire et En Équilibre). La Tourneuse de Pages (The Page Turner) was selected at the Ghent International Film Festival in 2007 and selected for the 2006 Cannes' Festival, with his score earning him a nomination for a César (French Academy Award). Demain dès l’Aube (Tomorrow at Dawn) was presented at the 2009 Cannes' Festival in the "Un Certain Regard" official selection.

This compilation presents all the pieces for piano which he has composed for Denis Dercourt's movies since 2006, as well as several adaptations of themes initially written for orchestra. For Jérôme Lemonnier, ''it is for me a way of paying tribute in a collaboration and a friendship between a director and a composer. It is also the opportunity to extend the existence of these musical pieces beyond the film contexts which inspired them, and to find so the emotion of their origin.''

Denis Dercourt underlines the importance and the role of the music composed by Jérôme Lemonnier in the process of making his movies.
''There are the compositions written a few months before the shooting, generally for the piano. Those whom the comedians learn, who influence us artistically, those whom we murmur throughout the shooting until the first editing. 
And then, when Jérôme Lemonnier begins to compose the score on the images, I begin to understand to which emotional direction will go our movie. This music plays the role of "revelation", as in the time of the film reel when it required a last chemical bath so that the images take completely their meaning...
As during the Film Concerts Live where Jérôme succeeds in making live in a single impetus the scores of all our movies, this present edition is for me a very moving testimony. This is a great recollection of sharing our journey together. As if we always wanted to look for the same thing, as to find always the same melody.''

Jérôme Lemonnier records his debut solo piano album performing his classic themes from Denis Dercourt’s movies. This is a delicate collection of some of his most beautiful film melodies.


1. Thème d'Anna 2:09
2. Étude d'Ariane 2:07 
3. Au château 1:45 
4. Paul à Bycyclette 2:49 
5. Prélude de Mélanie 1:39
6. Grande Sonate 1:32 
7. En Équilibre (Ouverture) 2:19 
8. Sonatine de Tristan 1:53 
9. Intermède 1:15 
10. Suite d'Anna VI et VIII 3:57 
11. Étude de Christelle 3:05 
12. Rencontre 2:17 
13. Thème de Mathieu 2:19 
14. Croisements 0:42 
15. Duel 3:32
16. Suite d'Anna X 4:00
17. Nocturne 1:43 
18. En Équilibre (Final) 2:06 


If you buy the Pack PIANO WORKS 1 + EN ÉQUILIBRE, you will receive the CD soundtrack of EN ÉQUILIBRE (2015). 


1. En Équilibre (générique début) 1:55
2. Dernière Cascade 1:27
3. Amertume 1:47
4. Florence à Cheval 1:23
5. Croisements 0:37
6. Aube 1:18
7. La Chute 1:15
8. Chasse-Neige 5:16
9. En Équilibre 2:16
10. Renaissance 2:31
11. Après le Concours 1:37
12. Valse Triste 5:19
13. En Équilibre (final) 3:51

Music composed, orchestrated and conducted by Jérôme Lemonnier 

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