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Music composed by Alan Parker

Intrada - Limited edition


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Long-awaited premiere of the entire thrilling soundtrack by Alan Parker for installment three of the legendary Jaws franchise, this one shown in 3-D when debuting in 1983. Following our restoration of the complete Jaws The Revenge release, this 2-CD presentation of Jaws 3-D includes a boatload of music previously unreleased - much of it never before heard! Joe Alves directs, Dennis Quaid, Bess Armstrong, Lou Gossett, Jr. star, young Lea Thompson debuts, Richard Matheson & Carl Gottlieb script. The film heads to aquatic Sea World park in Florida, bringing continuity with Steven Spielberg's justifiably famous first Jaws movie by having Chief Brody's young boys (Michael & Sean) now becoming young men. Plenty of shark terror ensues as all concerned prepare for the opening of their spectacular park, including a lavish underwater viewing chamber for tourists. Alan Parker anchors with the obligatory theme by John Williams, then heads in all-new directions with a plethora of large-scale symphonic material all his own. Parker was a session player on Jerry Goldsmith's First Blood as well as on projects with John Barry, Henry Mancini and others. A soundtrack album was released in 1983 by MCA Records (and subsequently on CD by Intrada) featuring select highlights. For this new restoration of the complete score, Intrada went back to the complete stereo session masters recorded by Chris Dibble in London and vaulted at Universal. The film itself underwent numerous post-production changes. As such, many of Parker's cues were re-cut, truncated and moved elsewhere throughout the picture. Many others were completely re-scored during the recording sessions while still others were re-composed entirely for future television broadcasts that would alter certain scenes for TV audiences. By the time Parker was finished recording everything, he had over 100 minutes of music! The 1983 album itself cuts between both used and unused takes. For this new presentation of everything Parker recorded, we opted to present as closely as possible the sequence used in the picture, including the revisions, then follow with the unused and re-composed cues, including those written especially for the TV showings and versions made for the 1983 album, finally wrapping with all of his original source music for various restaurant and bar sequences. 108 minutes of music, all in stereo, all courtesy Universal Pictures and UMG! Highlights are many but premiering the complete opening musical sequence of the movie deserves a spotlight as do the complete "Sub Search", "Night Capture" cues. Another highlight: "Restaurant Source" is almost completely lost in the film and here finally reveals itself to be a beautiful variant of the love theme, scored entirely for flute and harp. For the complete Jaws 3-D soundtrack, enjoy music that is exciting and melodious, soaring and spectacular! Alan Parker composes, arranges and conducts. Intrada Special Collection 2-CD set available while quantities and interest remain!

CD 1
01. Jaws 3-D – Main Title† (Film Version) (3:32)
02. First Underwater (0:26)
03. Shark Thru The Gate (0:27)
04. Kay Rides The Whale (1:59)
05. Sean Arrives (2:28)
06. Overman’s Last Dive † (1:19)
07. Love Scene (Revised) (1:52)
08. Boys In The Raft (0:16)
09. Kay Meets Phillip (Revised) (1:21)
10. Underwater Kingdom And Shark Chase (4:21)
11. Dolphin Chase (Revised) (1:16)
12. Sub Search (Revised) (3:56)
13. Phillip’s Gear (0:22)
14. Night Capture† (Revised) (4:59)
15. Shark Drop (0:19)
16. It’s Alive / Seaworld Opening Day / Silver Bullet (2:36)
17. Baby Shark Dies (1:17)
18. Tunnels And Tentacles† (1:34)
19. Almost But No Bite (0:36)
20. Restaurant Source (Flute & Harp) (4:15)
21. Shark Loose (0:26)
22. Shark Attacks Skiers† (1:31)
23. Shark Attacks Kelly† (1:11)
24. Shark Rams Tunnel† (Revised) (0:43)
25. Panic At Seaworld (0:47)
26. Live Bait (1:04)
27. Ready To Dive (0:37)
28. Phillip’s Demise† (Revised) (4:01)
29. Shark Breaks Loose† (0:34)
30. Pull The Pin† (Revised) (0:38)
31. Shark Wants Out† (0:18)
32. Shark Chases Mike And Kay† (Revised) (2:11)
33. We’re Saved (0:43)
34. Shark Thru The Window† (0:35)
35. The Shark’s Gonna Hit Us† (2:43)
36. Shark Guts (0:17)
37. Jaws 3D End Titles (4:08)
CD 1 Total Time: 61:42

CD 2 The Extras (Alternate Score)
01. Jaws 3-D – Main Title† (Original Version) (2:58)
02. Attack (Telex Version) (1:34)
03. Attack (Revised) (1:41)
04. Kay And Mike’s Love Theme (Original) (2:17)
05. Boys In The Raft (Revised) (0:20)
06. Kay Meets Phillip (1:58)
07. Shark Chase And Dolphin Rescue† (1:24)
08. Dolphin Chase† (Telex Version) (1:33)
09. Sub Search [Short] (0:17)
10. Night Capture† (4:51)
11. Park Opening (Revised) (1:15)
12. Shark Rams Tunnel† (0:45)
13. Phillip’s Demise† (4:58)
14. Pull The Pin (0:32)
15. Saved By The Dolphins† (2:04)
16. Shark Thru The Window† (Telex Version) (0:30)
17. Finale (Alternate) (1:48)
18. Shark Theme† (Utility No. 1) (0:17)
19. Shark Theme† (Utility No. 2) (0:28)
20. Grouper Head (Alternate) (0:23)
21. Sting 1 (0:06)
22. Sting 2 (0:07)
23. Sting 3 (0:06)
24. Sting 4 (0:06)

The Extras (Source Music)
25. Rock Bar Source (2:14)
26. Rock Bar Source (Alternate) (2:40)
27. Lunch Restaurant Source (1:17)
28. Apartment Source (2:43)
29. Guitar Show (1:33)
30. Country Music Show (1:40)
31. Exterior Bar Source (0:39)
32. Hawaiian Drums (0:35)
CD 2 Total Time: 47:12

† Contains Theme From JAWS by John Williams