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Music composed by David Shire

Intrada - Limited edition


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David Shire's masterpiece gets the attention it deserves! 2-CD set offers entire 84-minute film score plus another 17 minutes of additional cues as well as complete album that was originally issued on Sonic Atmospheres. Fascinating differences between two versions abound: Initially presented in 1985 from Eric Tomlinson's live two-track session mixes plus select remixes, Shire originally chose 12 tracks, assembled them into beautiful, creative album. However, those mixes did not always contain variety of additional colors (tympani, xylophone, triangle, mandolin) as those were captured on separate channels of the 2" 24-track elements only - such as solo tympani at the start of "Opening Sequence". Shire expressed joy at having Intrada tackle the expense of locating complete session elements housed in Walt Disney vaults, restoring all tracks and allowing entire score to shine! Previously unreleased music is plentiful, including powerful "Mombi's Awake" sequence, exciting "Wheelers Pursue" cue, entire climactic 11-minute confrontation with Nome King, much more. Listeners can enjoy entire masterpiece in chronological sequence with everything Shire recorded in glorious full mixes as intended, then savor 1985 highlights album with sequencing designed for purely musical listening via abbreviated album mixes. Both offer rewards! Walter Murch tackles complex, dark story of Dorothy returning to magical land of Oz only to find all in ruins, her beloved friends gone. Shire frames magnificent score with genuine Americana warmth, tender sadness, wistful nostalgia - then fills musical canvas with incredible fantasia replete with themes for numerous new characters, dramatic passages, soaring climaxes, powerful action music, you name it. When all is finally said and done, Shire wraps with one of film score's all-time most sweeping, classic-style finales featuring Michael Davis, lead violinist of London Symphony Orchestra. Fun tidbit: At conclusion of moving finale, film wraps with rousing quote of Shire's "rag march" idea. That also premiere's in this 2-CD release as an extra on disc 2. Detailed notes by Tim Greiving offer details of sumptuous production, beautiful graphics with "flipper" cover design by Joe Sikoryak showcase two sides of legendary artist Drew Struzan. David Shire produces, supervises entire Intrada project. This is truly Shire's magnum opus come to life at last. Herbert Spencer orchestrates, David Shire, Harry Rabinowitz conduct London Symphony Orchestra. Intrada Special Collection release available while quantities and interest remain!

CD 1
01. Opening Sequence** (With Sweeteners) (3:10)
02. Finding The Key* (0:45)
03. The Ride To Dr. Worley’s** (2:13)
04. Ozma In Reflection* (0:55)
05. Upstairs At Dr. Worley’s**+ (4:47)
06. The Headphones*/Flight In The Storm (3:43)
07. Oz/The Ruined House** (5:11)
08. The Deserted City**+ (3:56)
09. Tik Tok+* (Revised) (3:10)
10. The Hall Of Heads** (3:01)
11. Jack Pumpkinhead** (3:20)
12. Here’s What We Have To Do* (2:05)
13. Mombi’s Awake* (3:45)
14. Flight Of The Gump* (Revised #1) (4:23)
15. Mombi’s Mandolin #2*/Wheelers Pursue*/Crash Landing* (3:28)
16. Where Are We Anyway?*/Yes, Your Majesty*/Into The Nome King’s Lair* (3:31)
17. Don’t Cry/Where’s Dorothy?* (1:41)
18. We Accept* (0:50)
19. Wrong Guess++* (0:24)
20. Farewell To Pumpkinhead*/Tunnel Charge #1*/Tunnel Charge #2* (1:46)
21. Ruby Slippers Colloquy** (3:34)
22. The Ornament Room** (2:32)
23. You’re All That’s Left* (0:41)
24. One Guess Left*/But Not For Much Longer*/
Stop**+/Nome Chase+/Final Chaos And Restoration**+/
Triumphal March (11:01)
CD 1 Total Time: 74:35

CD 2
01. Cheering Bridge/Goodbye** (4:52)
02. Just A Reflection/End Credits (5:56)
Total Score Time: 84:23

The Extras (Alternate Cues)
03. Tik Tok++** (Original) (3:05)
04. Mombi’s Mandolin #1* (From Stereo Stems) (0:57)
05. Flight Of The Gump (Mix 2) (3:58)
06. Flight Of The Gump (Revised #2)++ (4:00)
07. We Accept* (Film Assembly) (1:39)
08. Triumphal March* (End Credits – Part 2) (0:41)
09. The Return To Oz – Rag March++ (2:46)
Total Extras Time: 17:17

Original 1985 Soundtrack Album
10. Dorothy Remembers/Home/The Ride To Dr. Worley’s (4:22)
11. Ozma/The Flight In The Storm (3:56)
12. Oz/The Ruined House (4:54)
13. The Deserted City/The Wheelers/Tik Tok (4:58)
14. Mombi’s Hall Of Heads (2:47)
15. Jack Pumpkinhead (2:49)
16. The Flight Of The Gump (4:00)
17. Dorothy And The Nome King/The Ornament Room (4:27)
18. The Defeat Of The Nome King/The Restoration (6:11)
19. The Mirror (2:34)
20. Finale And End Credits (Theme From Return To Oz) (4:30)
21. The Return To Oz Rag March (2:46)
Total 1985 Album Time: 48:32
CD 2 Total Time: 76:54

*Previously Unreleased **Includes Music Previously Unreleased
+Contains Music Not Featured in Film ++Not Featured In Film