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Music Composed by John Barry

Film Score Monthly - Limited Edition of 3000 copies

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This premiere John Barry CD features two Warner Bros. albums from a period of great creativity for the composer: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (1972) and Petulia (1968).

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland was a musical telling of Lewis Carroll's famous story, with a star-packed British cast including Peter Sellers, Dudley Moore, Michael Crawford and Ralph Richardson. John Barry collaborated with lyricist Don Black ("Born Free," "Diamonds Are Forever") on the delightful song-score.

Barry characterized the soundtrack as having "almost a Gilbert & Sullivan style, but with a contemporary feeling," but fans will recognize no musical identity except for Barry's own. The score, as wonderfully recorded for the soundtrack LP, includes three ballads, large symphonic pieces, and enjoyable settings of classic Caroll nonsense—with Barry melodies through and through.

Petulia was Barry's second collaboration with director Richard Lester (following The Knack...and How to Get It), a serious, contemporary drama set in San Francisco starring Julie Christie, George C. Scott and Richard Chamberlain. It is regarded as one of the best films of the era, with a sophisticated flashback structure (and cinematography by Nicolas Roeg) anchored by Barry's melancholy and melodic score.

In addition to the haunting main theme, Petulia features a distinctive figure for saxophones anticipating Diamonds Are Forever, and several pieces of vintage Barry source music—low-key jazz tunes that rank with the best instrumental music of the era, and echo some of the source cues of the James Bond films.

This holiday present for Barry fans comes with new liner notes by Jon Burlingame, and is remastered from the original 1/4" stereo album tapes.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Music Composed by John Barry, Lyrics by Don Black

Overture 4:29
Curiouser and Curiouser 2:16
Sung by Fiona Fullerton (Alice)
You've Got to Know When to Stop 2:09
Sung by Davy Kaye (Mouse)
The Royal Procession 1:44
The Last Word Is Mine 2:01
Sung by Michael Crawford (White Rabbit) and Fiona Fullerton
Dum and Dee Dance 3:08
Nursery Rhyme
Lyrics by Lewis Carroll
Sung by Fiona Fullerton
The Pun Song 3:03
Sung by Sir Robert Helpman (Mad Matter), Peter Sellers (March Hare) and Dudley Moore (Dormouse)
I've Never Been This Far Before 2:19
Curiouser and Curiouser 2:14
I've Never Been This Far Before 2:19
Sung by Fiona Fullerton
Medley: 4:15
Off With Their Heads
Sung by Dame Flora Robson (Queen of Hearts)
The Croquet Game
Off With Their Heads
The Moral Song
Sung by Peter Bull (the Duchess)
Off With Their Heads
The Me I Never Knew 2:39
The Lobster Quadrille 1:46
Will You Walk a Little Faster? 1:57
Lyrics by Lewis Carroll
Sung by Michael Hordern (Mock Turtle) and Spike Milligan (Gryphon)
They Told Me 0:54
Lyrics by Lewis Carroll
Sung by Michael Crawford
The Me I Never Knew 4:10
Sung by Fiona Fullerton
Total Time: 42:06

Music Composed and Conducted by John Barry

Main Title—Petulia 1:57
Friends of the Evergreen 2:05
Highway 101 2:31
A Little Old-Fashioned Nostalgia 2:51
Motel 4:50
Petulia 3:01
Petulia 3:23
Comprehendo? 1:59
Border Gate at Tijuana 2:38
Once Having Been Lovers 3:06
Eat Topless 3:29
End Title—Petulia 5:03
Total Time: 37:33

Total Disc Time: 79:48

FSM-VOL.8, N.20
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