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Music Composed by Miklos Rozsa

Film Score Monthly - Limited Edition of 3000 copies

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The Seventh Sin is the 1957 filming of W. Somerset Maugham's novel The Painted Veil, an exotic tale of personal redemption earlier produced with Greta Garbo. Eleanor Parker plays a brittle adulteress who accompanies her doctor husband (Bill Travers) to a cholera-stricken region of China, where she undergoes a profound transformation with the help of the local convent and a cynical bystander played by George Sanders.

The film's score is by Miklós Rózsa and a powerful convergence of three of his styles: his "epic" work of the period (late '50s M-G-M—the theme bears a resemblance to his questing melody for Lust for Life); his "film noir" moods (for the story's marital infidelities); and his "exotic" style (for the remote Asian setting). A highlight is "East Meets West/Tea Party," where Rózsa's enchanting music turns a small personal gathering into a supple, transcendent affair.

FSM's premiere CD of The Seventh Sin features the complete underscore followed by the film's source music: a 17:28 suite of Chinese-styled pieces (written by Rózsa to emulate Hong Kong records) and a waltz re-recorded from The Story of Three Loves (1953). The soundtrack is presented in the best-possible monaural sound, as it was originally recorded onto mono 17.5mm magnetic film rather than the stereo 35mm magnetic film customary for the period.

Prelude 2:15
Briefcase 1:55
Alibi/Mystery Story 4:26
Homecoming 1:21
Boat Trip 0:51
Cortege 2:16
Alone 0:49
Nursery/Turmoil/Reminiscences 5:38
Rape 2:07
East Meets West/Tea Party 5:25
New Life 2:20
Home 1:15
Bad News/Rough Passage/Forgiveness 7:17
Finale 2:01
Total Time: 40:32

Source Music

Chinese Montage 16:27
Waltz 2:23
Total Time: 18:54

Total Disc Time: 59:26

FSM-VOL.5, N.17
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