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Music Composed by Piero Montanari



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The organisation "Noi Siamo le Colonne", in collaboration with SigleTV.Net & Digitmovies AE, presents: STANLIO & OLLIO: DUE TESTE SENZA CERVELLO (Laurel & Hardy: Two Minds without a Single Thought) Original soundtrack from the Laurel & Hardy's '80s Italian TV series. For the 25th anniversary of the famous broadcasting of Giancarlo Governi (Author of "Supergulp!", "Il Pianeta Totò") finally, for the first time, it has been published a double CD which features: -the complete soundtrack of the documentary "Stanlio & Ollio: Due Teste senza Cervello" (recently launched on DVD). -totally remastered tracks from original audio masters of 1985. This double CD includes 52 tracks, some of which previously unpublished, for a total of 145 minutes of the most enjoyable music! The original tracks were composed by Maestro Piero Montanari, who is well known for soundtracks such as Bonvi’s Sturmtruppen Cartoons and films by Stefano Pomilia, Umberto Lenzi and Joe D'Amato, as well for the well known song "Totò Rap". Some of the recordings have been performed by the like of Jazzmen Danilo Rea, Stefano Senesi and Derek Wilson. Maestro Montanari also rearranged T. Marvin Hatley’s classics "Cuckoo Song" and "Honolulu Baby". A new way to listen the Stan & Babe's original music! The CD includes a 12 pages booklet, in colour print, with texts in Italian and English, which describes the history of Laurel & Hardy in Italy, the tracks, the memoirs of the composer and those of Director Giancarlo Governi; it also features the interviews with the official Italian dubbers of Laurel & Hardy: Giorgio Ariani (Oliver) ed Enzo Garinei (Stan). The CD is published as a limited edition of 1000 copies, and is produced for the no profit organisation "Noi Siamo le Colonne" (part of "Sons of the Desert" international appreciation society), in collaboration with SigleTV.Net. Digitmovies AE is proud to distribute this CD without more charges, as a cultural project, on behalf of "Noi Siamo le Colonne". (C) 2009 Raitrade, (P) 2009 Noi Siamo le Colonne.


1. Cuckoo Song* 0’15’’
2. Stan & Babe 4’05’’
3. Stan and Babe [veloce] 3‘58’’
4. Stan and Babe [veloce - piano solista] 3’20’’
5. Stan and Babe [lenta - piano solista] 3’20’’
6. Comiche 1 2‘25’’
7. Comiche 1 [senza effetti sonori] 2‘24’’
8. Comiche 2 2’55’’
9. Comiche 2 [solo ritmica] 2‘40’’
10. Effetto comico - Fagotto 0‘08’’
11. Tema di Stan (Sigla di testa di “Allegri Gemelli” e altri film di Laurel & Hardy) 9’30’’
12. Tema di Stan [piano solista] 3‘26’’
13. Cuckoo Song* [scordato] 0‘14’’
14. Tromba WaWa 3’35’’
15. Tromba WaWa [senza canto] 2‘55’’
16. Tromba WaWa [senza ritmica] 2‘54’’
17. Cuckoo Song* [chiusura scene] 0‘16’’
18. Whistler (the) 2’25’’
19. Whistler (the) [lenta - senza ritmica] 2‘37’’
20. Whistler (the) [violino solista] 1’38’’
21. Whistler (the) [piano solista] 5‘01’’
22. Cuckoo Song* [effetto voce] 0‘23’’
23. Blues March (Sigla della trasmissione TV “Risate con: Stanlio e Ollio”) 3’19’’
24. Blues March [veloce] 2’17’’
25. Cuckoo Song* [allegro] 0‘10’’
26. All of You 6‘49’’
27. Intervallo - Interpreti: Giorgio Ariani (Ollio) ed Enzo Garinei (Stanlio) 0’14’’

* di T. Marvin Hatley; nuovo arrangiamento di P. Montanari


1. Stan and Babe [formato TV] 1’32’’
2. Django 1‘44’’
3. Sad Tune 4‘03’’
4. Cuckoo Song* [armonica triste] 0‘21’’
5. Ad un vecchio amico 7’29’’
6. Ad un vecchio amico [piano solista] 3’21’’
7. Cuckoo Song* [armonica triste - tono minore] 0‘20’’
8. Slapstick 2‘59’’
9. Slapstick [senza effetti sonori] 2’58’’
10. Cuckoo Song* [campane] 0‘23’’
11. Tie Twiddle 4‘53’’
12. Tie Twiddle [lenta - trombone e ritmica] 2’05’’
13. Tie Twiddle [veloce - piano e basso] 3’57’’
14. Tie Twiddle [piano solista] 4’48’’
15. Cuckoo Song* [organo] 0‘22’’
16. Sospeso 1 2‘35’’
17. Sospeso 1 [archi e timpani] 2‘36’’
18. Sospeso 2 [melangée] 2’27’’
19. Cuckoo Song* [arpa] 0‘21’’
20. Hot Ollie 6’44’’
21. Hot Ollie [piano solista] 4‘23’’
22. Hot Ollie [piano solista - veloce] 3‘40’’
23. Cuckoo Song* [chiusura scene - formato TV] 0‘09’’
24. Honolulu Baby* - Interpreti: Giorgio Ariani (Ollio) ed Enzo Garinei (Stanlio) 3‘57’’
Bonus Track:
25. Stan and Babe [prima versione del tema principale] 4’34’’