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Music Composed by Pierre Bachelet

Music Box Records - Limited Edition of 500 units 

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World Premiere CD Release. Limited edition of 500 units
8-page CD booklet with French and English liner notes by Nicolas Magenham.

In collaboration with Sony Music Entertainment France and BMG, Music Box Records proudly presents the premiere CD release of the original motion picture soundtrack of Just Jaeckin's Gwendoline (The Perils of Gwendoline in the Land of the Yik Yak, 1984) composed by Pierre Bachelet.

Ten years after Emmanuelle, one of the biggest successes in the history of French cinema, Pierre Bachelet (Les Bronzés sont du ski, Coup de tête) and Just Jaeckin (The Story of O, The Last Romantic Lover) worked together on their last film Gwendoline. Based on the infamous S&M comic strip by John Willie, the film mixes adventure, supernatural elements and eroticism. The OST is carried by the Willard’s theme, a melody Bachelet reused a year after the film’s release for a song that became a popular success in France (En l’an 2001). The catchy score is a dreamlike mix of synthesizers, baroque music and 80’s charm. This album also features the previously unreleased score to the erotic-mystical film La Soubrette perverse (1974) by José Benazéraf, as well as a cult instrumental hit OK Chicago (1974) performed by the band Resonance (aka Pierre Bachelet and Mat Camison). 

This present edition celebrates the 40th anniversary of Gwendoline and features the original LP program (previously issued by RCA), remastered from pristine condition stereo master tape vaulted by Sony Music. The package includes an 8-page booklet with liner notes by Nicolas Magenham. The release is limited to 500 units.

1. À Pikao (3:35)
2. Rue chinoise (3:04)
3. Gwendoline (4:09)
4. Thème de Willard (3:07)
5. Le combat (2:28)
6. Quand souffle Kalibidu (1:51)
7. Aventures au Yek Yek (3:53)
8. Sous la pluie (1:55)
9. La légende de Pikao (3:54)
10. U 89 (2:34)
11. Chant des sirènes (3:43)
12. Chez les Kiops (1:38)

13. La soubrette #1 (4:04)
14. La soubrette #2 (3:20)
15. La soubrette #3 (3:06)
16. La soubrette #4 (4:11)

17. O.K. Chicago (2:32)

Total Time • 53:50

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