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Music Composed by Oliver Nelson

La-La Land Records - Limited edition of 1500 units

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La-La Land Records and Universal Studios proudly present the nineteenth title within the acclaimed Universal Pictures Film Music Classics Collection – DEATH OF A GUNFIGHTER, with music by the distinguished jazz player and arranger Oliver Nelson (IRONSIDE, THE NAME OF THE GAME, THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN). Available for the first time in any format, acclaimed composer Oliver Nelson’s brilliant original motion picture score for 1969’s big-screen western DEATH OF A GUNFIGHTER, paired on this release with his jungle-adventure score for 1970’s SKULLDUGGERY, marks the world-premiere release of this music in this limited edition CD presentation.

Considered one of the most distinct and underrated composers of the late ’60s and early ’70s, Oliver Nelson tragically passed away of a heart-attack in 1975 at the young age of 43, sadly cutting the African-American maestro’s fast-growing canon of work short. From his lean, elegiac and blues-tinged work on DEATH OF A GUNFIGHTER to his rousing and rhythmically charged score for SKULLDUGGERY, this release vividly demonstrates Nelson’s incredible talents and versatility. Also featured here is the song from DEATH OF A GUNFIGHTER, “Sweet Apple Wine,” performed by one of the film’s stars, the great Lena Horne.

Produced, mixed, edited and mastered by Mike Matessino from stereo vault elements, this special limited edition of 1500 units features exclusive liner notes written by author Jeff Bond and sharp art direction by Dan Goldwasser.


1. Sweet Apple Wine 1:11

Performed by Lena Horne

2. Emblem 0:26

3. Main Title (‘Death Of A Gunfighter’) 1:14

4. Claire / Cottonwood Spring / Good Night Marshal 3:12

5. Dark Stable 1:22

6. Claire Asleep 1:04

7. Poor Luke 1:02

8. Fish Pond / Get Up Pa 2:22

9. Father And Son 1:53

10. Cool Off 3:30

11. Grim Walk / Oxley And Rifle 2:28

12. Damn It Andy / Confused Patch / Goodbye Frank 4:13

13. Wedding Day 2:37

14. Will Gets His 2:33

15. Light Gun Battle 1:24

16. Last Walk 1:25

17. End Title (‘Death Of A Gunfighter’) 1:12

18. Sweet Apple Wine (Long Version) 2:21

Performed by Lena Horne

Total Time: 35:43


19. Main Title (‘Skullduggery’) 4:02

20. Tool Shed / Smash The Bottle 2:19

21. Paddlers 0:43

22. Boat Trip 2:27

23. The Trip Continues 3:03

24. Sack Time 1:18

25. Rain Forest 2:25

26. Let’s Get Out 1:24

27. Him Lost 1:20

28. Come In / Hidden Valley 1:22

29. Salty Bones 1:55

30. Don’t Keep Your Fossils Waiting 0:51

31. Enter Tropis 1:09

32. Rover Or Sport 1:53

33. How About A Kiss 1:16

34. Trek Back 0:50

35. Mining Operation 1:10

36. Bare Midriff / Morris Minor 1:19

37. Missing Link Murder / Head Lines 0:39

38. He Was Born Dead 2:49

39. Topazia’s Rag Doll 1:13

40. End Title (‘Skullduggery’) 1:34

Total Time: 37:30

Total Album Time: 73:20