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Music Composed by John Debney

Quartet Records - Limited Edition of 1000 units


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Quartet Records and StudioCanal present the CD return of John Debney’s symphonic opus for the adventure classic CUTTHROAT ISLAND.  Directed by Renny Harlin and starring Geena Davis, Matthew Modine and Frank Langella, the movie is a big-budget, swashbuckling throwback about Morgan Adams, a female pirate, and her crew racing to find a hidden island containing a fabulous treasure before her uncle, Dawg Brown. Along the way there are sword fights, chases, storms at sea and all sorts of high adventure, all produced on an epic scale.

Keeping up with the massive visuals was composer John Debney (HOCUS POCUS, WHITE FANG 2, LITTLE GIANTS, THE PASSION OF CHRIST) who led the London Symphony Orchestra and the London Voices for the recording. Considered one of the 90s best adventure scores, and one of Debney’s most highly regarded works, this orchestral tour de force returns to CD with the same expanded program as the previous La-La Land Records album released in 2016 and long sold out.

This reissue has been produced by Neil S. Bulk, and mixed and mastered by Mike Matessino. The package includes a 16-page booklet with updated liner notes by Jeff Bond and original artwork by Drew Struzan.


Main Title: Morgan’s Ride (4:43)

The Rescue (3:43)

Purcell Snatcher (2:59)

Shaw Is Caught (1:17)

The Funeral (1:33)

Morgan In Command (2:50)

The Language Of Romance (2:42)

A Lady Scorned (1:38)

The Chase Begins / Carriage Chase (7:29)

Ainslee Plots / To Spittlefield / Uncle Mordechai (5:40)

Morgan Captured / Sword Fight (5:30)

Escape From Mordechai’s (2:12)

Setting Sail (1:06)

Charting The Course (2:22)

First Kiss (1:56)

Dawg’s Plan / Shaw Discovers Location (3:22)

The Betrayal (2:16)

The Storm Begins (2:45)

To The Bottom Of The Sea (2:46)

The Island (3:40)

Shaw Steals The Map (3:33)

Discovery Of The Cave (Extended version) (5:28)


Discovery Of The Treasure (2:23)

Caught (1:37)

Dawg’s Pets (2:16)

The Big Jump (2:40)

Shaw Captured (2:33)

Morgan Takes The Ship (4:32)

The Hangman’s Noose (3:56)

The Battle (6:12)

To Dawg’s Ship (2:32)

Morgan Battles Dawg (6:05)

Dawg’s Demise / The Triumph (3:35)

It’s Only Gold / End Credits (Extended Version) (10:01)

The Wedding Waltz (2:49)

Main Title: Morgan’s Ride (Alternate Take Without Choir) (4:39)

Carriage Chase (Album Ending) (7:22)

Dawg’s Demise / The Triumph (Without Choir) (3:34)

Morgan’s Ride and The Rescue (Synth Demo Version) (7:30)

Total Disc 1: 71:38

Total Disc 2: 74:30

Total 2-CD Time: 146:08

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