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Music composed by Goblin

Beat Records 

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In the immense Goblin discography, an enormous void has always been represented by the original motion picture soundtrack of Squadra Antimafia, a score which we have tried to find, since many years, but that is apparently lost.

A 1978 movie full of absolute cult icons among which Tomas Milian, Bombolo, Enzo Cannavale, Eli Wallach, Massimo Vanni directed by Bruno Corbucci: to this incredible list of stars to add Goblin is exciting.

So, a while ago, following the initiative of Fabio Capuzzo, veteran musicians of the prog and funky Italian scene are involved and gathered to work to a new recording session of this amazing score. The result isn’t intercepted too late by Beat Records radars and so we are proud to give a discographic life to this wonderful project through which, with extreme precision and care has been realized again the soundtrack now expressed through the sonorities of Marcello Bonetta (keyboards), Diego Vergari (drums, percussions) Giorgio Giuseppe Tonazzo (bass), Antonio Micheli (Guitar).

All the funk created by Goblin to comment Milian vicissitudes is replicated with renovated vigor and vintage charm, to the program couldn’t be missing the cue “E lassame perde” that, thanks to the collaboration between Fabio Capuzzo and Alan Donati, son of the original singer Aldo, could count on the real voice of the crooner taken from a demo stored in the family estate archive.

Also present a new version of the Goblin cue AMO NON AMO, arranged by Marcello Bonetta and Diego Vergari, as a special bonus track.

Squadra Antimafia is the result of the profusion of much love by its protagonists and deserved a special treatment by Beat Records with this CD AUDIO deluxe edition featuring a 16 pages booklet, graphic layout by Daniele De Gemini supported by Fabio Capuzzo photo archive, recording, mix and mastering by Marcello Bonetta, Diego Vergari and Fabio Capuzzo.

01 Squadra Antimafia - Seq. 1 (New York Funk) 3’03”

02 Squadra Antimafia - Seq. 2 (Rome Chase) 2’56”

03 Squadra Antimafia - Seq. 3 (Don Girolamo) 1’56”

04 Squadra Antimafia - Seq. 4 (Nico in Las Vegas) 2’25”

05 Squadra Antimafia - Seq. 5 (Notte di luna calante) 2’35”

06 Squadra Antimafia - Seq. 6 (E lassame perde instrumental version) 3’21”

07 Squadra Antimafia - Seq. 7 (Disco Nico) 2’08”

08 Squadra Antimafia - Seq. 8 (Nico in Las Vegas, Reprise) 1’58”

09 Squadra Antimafia - Seq. 9 (Night Investigation) 4’00”

10 Squadra Antimafia - Seq. 10 (Desert Chase) 3’03”

11 Squadra Antimafia - Seq. 11 (In the Gas Chamber) 2’44”

12 E lassame perde (featuring Aldo Donati) 3’19”

13 Amo non amo (Ghost Link) 3’22”

14 Squadra Antimafia - Seq. 12 (New York Funk ‘70 mix) 3’03”

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