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Music Composed by Marco Beltrami & Marcus Trumpp

Rambling Records - Japan Import

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World premiere release of CD version from Japan! Hybrid survival action film with an accelerated sense of urgency!

Flight 119 disappeared over the Philippines.

The captain and 17 others crash-landed at the base of an anti-government organization.

A simple plot of escape from an extreme situation is packed with the thrill of air panic and the tension of escape survival, creating a miraculous hybrid survival action film that keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish! Gerard Butler (The End of the White House) plays Trance, who struggles to fulfill his responsibilities as a captain. Mike Colter (Marvel's Netflix drama "Luke Cage") as Gaspar, a mysterious criminal who ends up teaming up with Trance. Directed by Jean-Francois Richet of "Assault on Pricinct 13" and "Blood Father". The music composed by Marco Beltrami, who has worked on many major films including the hit horror series "Scream," "Terminator 3," "I, Robot," "Die Hard 4.0," "Die Hard Last Day," "The Wolverine," and "Love & Monsters," "Little Evil," etc. Marcus Trump, who has worked on "Love & Monsters," "Little Evil," and many other films. The digital sound enhances the sense of realism, from the tension in the hands to the swell of the bass and the uneasy feeling of anxiety.

01. The Plane Main Titles

02. Let’s Have a Good Flight & Gasper’s Theme

03. Storm

04. Back on Board

05. Jolo Island

06. Interrupted Phone Call

07. A Very Big Plane

08. We’re in Serious Trouble

09. Sneaking Into Enemy Territory

10. Back to the Bus

11. Wake Up the Island

12. How Are We Gonna Get Out of Here

13. Here They Come

14. Bumpy Take-Off

15. Find Me A Place To Land

16. Better Layover

17. Goodbye Plane

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