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Music Composed by Genius

Easy Tempo

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Extremely obscure ‘Rare Groove’ album recorded in Argentina in 1974 and produced by great radio and music producer Mochin Marafioti. It has been impossible to learn who the musicians of the amazing session were. Soul, funk, psychedelia and latin melt into a sort of funkadelic sound. Spoken intro, sensual vocals and a monster rhythm section flirt with wah wah guitars and catchy melodies. A truly hidden treasury brought back to life by legendary Easy Tempo crew and destined to please the worldwide Rare Groove clubbing nation. To the original recording were added Edits by Andrea Passenger done in the spirit of the classic disco music manipulators like Tom Moulton, Danny Krivit and Walter Gibbons. To be played very loud. 

1 Inspector Jones

2 4.00 In The Morning

3 Bermilyia Avenue (Complot)

4 Adults Only (Tienes Tu Cuartito Para Ver Tus Peliculas)

5 Arroz Con Leche (Rice Pudding)

6 Inspector Jones (John Is Missing Edit)

7 Adults Only (Juicy Edit)

8 Bermilyia Avenue (Light Touches Edit)

9 Arroz Con Leche (Stripped Extended Edit)

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