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Music Composed by Bert Shefter 

Monstrous Movie Music

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The Tall Texan [MMM-1974] features an impressive western score by Bert Shefter, usually known as Paul Sawtell’s partner. This solid 1953 Lloyd Bridges’ movie tells the story of gold and greed in the wilds of New Mexico, and it was edited and directed by the award-winning Elmo Williams, who contributed to the research for the liner notes. Soon to turn 100, Mr. Williams is a legend as an editor, winning an Academy Award for his extraordinary work on High Noon. This CD is dedicated to Mr. Williams.

This disc has everything you want in a western score: heroic melodies, exciting action sequences, Indian themes, romance, and much more. Some of the music will remind you of Bernard Herrmann, some will remind you of Elmer Bernstein, but Shefter wrote this score in his own style, and those musical similarities actually predate those moments by the other composers. This 50-minute CD will take you back to a time when men were men and Indians were Indians! The music was transferred from the composer's original tape reels, and the 20-page illustrated liner book details the music, the composer, and the movie. The lovely cover painting is by the gifted Robert Aragon.


1 Main Title 2:18

2 Wagon on the Way 1:46

3 Putting Indian in Wagon 2:45

4 Gun Fight 2:09

5 Jerry’s Dead :42

6 The Gold Nugget 1:10

7 Dealt In :22

8 On the Way 1:32

9 Gold Panning 2:24

10 Gold Glitters :10

11 Panning 2:39

12 Trask Jumps at Sheriff 1:54

13 Panning for Gold 3:12

14 Night Scene 1:08

15 Tinnen Spots Gold Nugget :49

16 Card Game :46

17 Laura and Ben 2:35

18 Tinnen Goes to the Burial Ground 2:37

19 The Fight 1:28

20 On the Way for Supplies :23

21 Guitar :24

22 Tinnen and Carney on Way Back :57

23 Tinnen Shoots Carney :14

24 Carney’s Time Piece 1:13

25 On Horse to Burial Ground 1:39

26 On the Run :05

27 On the Run 1:21

28 Indians Give Chase :26

29 Tinnen Gets It 1:57

30 Bess Gets It :58

31 Fighting Way Out 3:21

32 End Title :25

Bonus Tracks!

33 Indian Drums, #1 2:05

34 Indian Drums, #2 :58

35 Indians Nearby :09

36 Indian Drums, #3 :54