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Music Composed by Ferde Grofe

Monstrous Movie Music

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The great American composer Ferde Grofe was best known for his colorful orchestral concert works like “Grand Canyon Suite” and “Mississippi Suite,” but on rare occasion he did some work in the movies, and his landmark score for the 1950 science fiction film Rocketship X-M is one of his major accomplishments. The score was the first fifties science fiction film to use the Theremin, an electronic instrument that helped define the sound of space that decade.

The composer’s Americana soundtrack is like no other score in the genre, ranging from beautifully evocative passages heard in space to riveting action music on Mars. This singular creation is one of the high points in the history of science fiction film music and is an essential part of soundtrack history. Besides containing the complete soundtrack, this Monstrous Movie Music release contains a 16-page liner book discussing all aspects of the score, as well as containing copies of some of the written scores. The cover art is by celebrated space illustrator Vincent DiFate. - Producer MMM

1: Main Title 1:21 

2: Good Luck 1:53 

3: Stand by to Turn :50 

4: The Motors Conk Out 2:55

5: Palomar Observatory 1:11 

6: Floyd Whispers 1:57

7: Floyd and Lisa at Window 2:56 

8: We See Mars 2:06 

9: The Landing on Mars 3:17 

10: The Ruins 3:10 

11: I Saw the Martians 1:02 

12: The Atomic Age to Stone Age/The Chase 4:59 

13: The Tanks Are Empty 3:37

14: The Crash 3:22 

15: End Title :59

Bonus Track:

16: Noodling on the Theremin 1:35