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Music Composed by Herman Stein 

Monstrous Movie Music

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This archival release focuses on the film music of legendary composer Herman Stein, and it’s a special limited-edition of 3,000 copies. After his Universal-International tenure, during which time he wrote music for such classic sci-fi thrillers as It Came From Outer Space, Creature From the Black Lagoon, This Island Earth, and Tarantula, Stein was hired to compose the score for Roger Corman’s The Intruder – a hard-hitting film about Southern racism. Known as the only Corman picture to lose money, 1962’s The Intruder is the finest film that Corman ever produced, and its failure at the box-office was due entirely to its touchy subject matter and the lack of a promotional campaign.

Starring a young William Shatner as a mysterious figure who fights integration in a small town by stirring up a racist mob, this superb motion picture elicited a powerful score from Stein, who captures the drama from all sides of the clash. At times lyrical, at other times thunderously aggressive, this is an extremely enjoyable orchestral score. Also included are three source music cues composed by Stein, featuring a combo comprising ace jazz musicians like Benny Carter and Buddy Collette. In addition to every cue heard in the picture, this CD contains music cut from the film.

The Intruder (and other music by Herman Stein) [MMM-1956] also includes the composer’s first film score, the delightful Career For Two. This short 1951 industrial film about savings banks contains a brief-but-highly-enjoyable score by Stein, one so good that upon hearing it, Universal-International’s music director Joseph Gershenson immediately hired the composer to work at the studio.

Filling out the CD are a number of unreleased cues from various film projects, as well as a new recording: the world premiere of “Suite For Mario.” Stein composed this four-movement solo piano work in 1948 for his composition teacher, the renowned Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco, and this is a rare chance to hear a classical work from the great film composer. “Suite For Mario” is a new stereo recording performed by award-winning pianist Brian Farrell. All of the other music on this CD is in original monophonic sound.


1 - 2: Main Title 1:35/Gun Play :14

3 - 4: Little Dope 1:03/Stranger 1:19

5 - 6: It’s a Law :09/Disturbed :49

7 – 8: Reprise 1:02/Trouble Later :16

9 - 10: Like Noise 2:35/Parked :50

11: Pray :28/Pre-March :04

12 – 13: Guts 3:29/Inciter 1:00

14 – 15: Editorial :21/Klan 1:47

16 – 17: Burning Cross :20/Conscience :16

18 – 19: Bombing :17/Casualty :32

20 – 21: It’s Over :22/Defeated :32

22 – 23: Pre-Guts :11/More Guts 1:05

24 – 25: Post Guts :08/Hospital 2:35

26 – 27: Plot :57/Framed 2:18

28 – 29: Doomed :04/Sacrifice :28

30 – 31: Lynch Mob 1:10/End Title :30


32 - 37: Career For Two 6:48


38: Unused Main Title 1:40

39: Unused underscore 2:03

40: Persian Beguine 3:03


41 - 44: “Suite for Mario” 7:41

(Brian Farrell, piano)


45: Pumpernickel Polka 2:11

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