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Music Composed by Riz Ortolani

Beat Records

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Beat Records is pleased to reissue on CD Riz Ortolani's scores for REQUIESCANT and O’CANGACEIRO, with a special bonus: the world premiere release of his music from the film I TRE SPIETATI! This interesting Western-adventure triptych, made between 1963 and 1969, bears the authoritative signature of the great Maestro Riz Ortolani. All the material included here comes from the mono masters of the original sessions, with the exception of "O’Cangaceiro," of which only the two tracks of the original 45 have survived (the film had very little music anyway due to an artistic choice by the director). For the unreleased I TRE SPIETATI, Riz Ortolani composed a symphonic commentary that pays homage to the American Western, echoing the sound of Elmer Bernstein's "The Magnificent Seven," an epic and exciting main theme that is alternated with a tender love theme, dramatic sequences and suspenseful tension, which provide contrast to the cheerful saloon themes. Ortolani's approach for REQUIESCANT was quite different, closer in tone to his score for LA NOTTE DEI SERPENTE (1969), with saloon pieces and a delicate love theme featuring the magnificent harmonica of Franco De Gemini accompanied by the orchestra. Franco De Gemini's harmonica returns in a cavalcade theme, a motif that is reprised by the orchestra. From O’CANGACEIRO, we present the two songs issued on the original single (Ariston - AR 0347): "Mulhe Rendeira," a lively samba for choir, and "Vou caminhando," an evocative, slow bossa tempo piece for male voice. This CD, dedicated to the musical art of Riz Ortolani, is surely an essential addition to any collection dedicated to quality film music.

Mastering and liner notes by Claudio Fuiano, graphic layout by Daniele De Gemini


1.I tre spietati –Seq.1 2:26

2.I tre spietati –Seq.2 1:00

3.I tre spietati –Seq.3 2:03

4.I tre spietati –Seq.4 1:40

5.I tre spietati –Seq.5 1:29

6.I tre spietati –Seq.6 2:13

7.I tre spietati –Seq.7 2:22

8.I tre spietati –Seq.8 1:21

9.I tre spietati –Seq.9 1:13

10.I tre spietati –Seq.10 1:04

11.I tre spietati –Seq.11 2:01

12.I tre spietati –Seq.12 4:25

13.Requiescant - Seq. 1  1:36

14.Requiescant - Seq. 2  1:29

15.Requiescant - Seq. 3  1:07

16.Requiescant - Seq. 4  2:29

17.Requiescant - Seq. 5 1:39

18.Requiescant - Seq. 6 1:43

19.Requiescant - Seq. 7 2:25

20.Requiescant - Seq. 8 1:19

21.Requiescant - Seq. 9 1:55

22.Requiescant - Seq. 10 3:25

23.Requiescant - Seq. 11 2:44

24.Requiescant - Seq. 12 2:16

25.Requiescant - Seq. 13 1:02

26.Requiescant - Seq. 14 2:33

27.Requiescant - Seq. 15 1:59

28.Requiescant - Seq. 16 1:34

29.Requiescant - Seq. 17  1:05

30.Requiescant - Seq. 18  2:02

31.Requiescant - Seq. 19  1:33

32.Requiescant - Seq. 20 1:30

33.Requiescant - Seq. 21 1:09

34.Mulhe rendera 1:56

35. Vou caminhando 3:10

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