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Music Composed by Barry Gray

Silva Screen

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The atmospheric aquatic adventures of the World Aquanaut Security Patrol (WASPs) provided the perfect grounds for the evolution of Barry Gray’s own musical odyssey. After navigating otherworldly vistas with experimental minimalism in Fireball XL5, Gray anchored Stingray’s underwater exploits with a cannon of earth-bound incidentals. Employing flutes and gentle woodwind sounds to set the scene, Gray’s music drew attention to the wonder of the series premise, employing lush heavenly strings for the series’ closing theme, ‘Aqua Marina’ (a croon brought to life by in-demand vocalist Gary Miller). The off-duty exploits of the WASP characters also allowed Gray to return to his jazzy routes, with the production team adding a loving reference to the composer in the episode Tune of Danger with a ‘Graystein’ Piano. Episodic melodrama was once again brought to life with bold brass, and driving military marches would establish the WASPs’ base, Marineville, and an unforgettable Match of the Oysters (in The Secret of the Giant Oyster). The DNA of the which would foreshadow the iconic theme for the Andersons’ next series…

1 Stingray Main Titles

2 Stingray - Evil and Mysterious

3 Stingray - Marineville High Alert

4 Stingray - One Marine Minute

5 Plant of Doom - A Flower to Take Your Breath Away

6 Plant of Doom - Two Worlds United

7 The Golden Sea - Fool's Gold

8 Hostages of the Deep - Trouble in Paradise

9 Hostages of the Deep - Battle for Marina

10 Sea of Oil - Atlanta's Achievement

11 WASP's Sessions - Friday Night at Blue Lagoon

12 The Big Gun - The Might of Solarstar

13 Countdown - Master of Infinite Disguise

14 Countdown - Home, Sweet Home

15 The Ghost Ship - No Laughing Matter

16 The Loch Ness Monster - The Legend of Loch Ness

17 Treasure Down Below - Bounty of the Deep

18 Star of the East - The Big and Small Toe

19 Search for the Tajmanon - One of Our Wonders is Missing

20 Secret of the Giant Oyster - March of the Oysters

21 A Christmas to Remember - Skating

22 Echo of Danger - Marvellous Madness

23 Emergency Marineville - For Want of a Button

24 Tune of Danger - Harmonic Homicide

25 Raptures of the Deep - Tempest's Trip

26 Stingray End Titles - Aqua Marina

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