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Music Composed by Ennio Morricone

Quartet Records - Limited edition of 500 units

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Quartet Records, in collaboration with EMI Music Publishing and GDM, celebrates the centenary of iconic filmmaker, author, poet and intellectual Pier Paolo Pasolini with this remastered reissue of Ennio Morricone cult score for ARABIAN NIGHTS (1974).

Rounding out the director’s trilogy of classic short story adaptations (started by DECAMERON and CANTERBURY TALES), ARABIAN NIGHTS was based upon stories from 1001 NIGHTS. Pasolini shot on authentic Middle Eastern and Himalayan locations in a stunning display of the timeless erotic tales, showcasing real native actors, homebrewed Italian talents and a handful of his regular troupe.

Ennio Morricone had a long working relationship with Pasolini after composing the original scores for UCCELACCI E UCCELLINI and TEOREMA, but served only as a musical advisor on the previous episodes of the trilogy. Here he’s back in full swing, writing the longest score for any of his Pasolini pictures. Featuring variations on two beautiful romantic themes as well as diabolic organ music for the episode of the djinn, Morricone’s colorful orchestral tapestry is a true exotic delight.

This new Quartet releases contains the same material as the previous GDM edition from 2003 that is now long out of print. Supervised by Claudio Fuiano, Chris Malone has remastered the audio for this edition, while the package features an 8-page booklet with luxurious artwork designed by Luca Barcellona and liner notes by Gergely Hubai discussing both film and score.

Tema di Aziza (3:24)

Tema di Dunja (2:43)

Tema del Demone 1 (5:35)

Tema del Demone 2 (7:18)

Tema de Dunja 2 (3:27)

Tema della Battaglia (1:04)

Misterioso (2:33)

Tema di Aziza 2 (1:37)

Tema della Montagna di Pietra Nera (2:02)

Tema del Demone 3 (2:22)

Mistico (2:34)

Tema di Dunja 3 (1:43)

Tema della Montagna di Pietra Nera 2 (2:08)

Tema del Demone 4 (2:16)

Rituale (2:30)

Rituale 2 (2:31)

Tema del Demone 5 (2:19)

Tema della Montagna di Pietra Nera 3 (2:08)

Tema di Dunja 4 (2:23)

Tema del Demone 6 (2:17)

Rituale 3 (2:24)

Tema del Demone 7 (6:03)

Tema di Aziza 3 (2:40)

Tema di Dunja 5 (0:15)

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