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Music Composed by Costas Dafins

La-La Land - Limited Edition of 1000 units

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La-La Land Records proudly presents a limited edition CD release of compser Costas Dafnis‘ (TORCH) original score to the acclaimed independent feature film drama OVERWHELM THE SKY, starring Alexander Hero and directed by Daniel Kremer. Composer Dafins paints a dark and evocative musical environment for this ambitious surrealist, neo-noir film, bathing the listener in a powerful sonic experience that is both hauntingly melodic and unnervingly atmospheric. It’s a bold and complex work, one that hints at composers like Herrmann, Corigliano, Glass, and Kamen, who's works are at home both in film and the concert hall – a perfect complement to this strikingly original film. Additional bonus tracks feature Dafins‘ orchestral suite from director C.R. Coppola’s feature film TORCH. Produced by Matthew Price and Costas Dafins, and mastered by Doug Schwartz, this limited edition release of 1000 units features exclusive liner notes by writer Nick Clement, a note from the director, and art design by Scott Saslow.

1.Overwhelm the Sky (4:40)

2.Golden Gate Park (2:47)

3.The River (1:55)

4.Nocturnal Wanderings (1:55)

5.Handwritten Letters (2:15)

6.Faceless Hordes (2:15)

7.Fallen Territory (2:13)

8.Particular Animal (2:46)

9.The Hammer (2:30)

10.The RV (1:02)

11.Angry Insomniacs (1:39)

12.The Mysteries, the Problems, and the Solutions (1:55)

13.Transit (2:25)

14.Talking to the Headstones (1:41)

15.For All You Have Left Me (1:50)

16.The Desert (4:10)

17.Ceremonies (1:16)

18.Accidie (1:53)

Orchestral Suite from C.R. Coppola’s TORCH

19.First Movement (7:47)

20.Second Movement (5:31)

21.Third Movement (4:56)

Total Album Time: 59:58

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