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Music Composed by Henry Mancini

Intrada - Limited Collector's Edition 


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Complete, riveting Henry Mancini horror score on remastered 2-CD set! Tobe Hooper directs wild space vampire tale, Steve Railsback, Peter Firth, Patrick Stewart, Mathilda May star, Dan O’Bannon co-writes with Don Jakoby from Colin Wilson novel, Cannon Films (now an MGM property) releases in 1985. Leading the memorable components: Legendary Henry Mancini’s ferocious and evocative score! Due a number of post-production editorial changes to film prior to release, Mancini was unable to come back in to rescore affected segments - notably the entire opening - and equally esteemed composer Michael Kamen handled additional scoring duties. This current 2-CD set is all Mancini. Separate album of Michael Kamen’s score, including premiere of his orchestral sessions is also available from Intrada! Joint U.S. and British team working in space encounter immense spaceship hidden within Hailey’s Comet. Inside vessel are bats and humanoids. Brought back to earth, the female alien (Mathilda May) emerges a “space vampire”, draining energy from her prey. Particular focus is on Col. Tom Carlsen (Steve Railsback). His encounters with the female vampire (who memorably plays much of her part nude) ultimately lead to spectacular, and bizarre, climax in London cathedral. Henry Mancini is right in the midst of the action! Launching with incredible 12/8 meter rhythm in lower strings, with dynamic French horn and trumpet lines above, Mancini instantly takes command, runs with the ball. Within his score are moments of haunting beauty, quiet mystery, but aggressive climaxes are always nearby. Ultimately, Mancini reaches finale after much spectacular orchestral fireworks, coming to an incredible finish in what might be his most powerful fortissimo - and bravura - ending of his celebrated career. The orchestra crescendoes, strings and woodwinds swirl, brass and percussion pound with massive chords… wow! And in an equally magnificent moment of musical excitement, Mancini then jumps into his 12/8 meter action rhythm to launch “The Lifeforce Theme (End Title)”, bringing this final riveting piece to an unyielding rhythmic coda. Take that, space vampires! 2-CD set includes entire Mancini score plus a few alternates, courtesy MGM, including his “stingers” and myriad brief cues intended for the film makers to utilize throughout the film as musical punctuation. These include his signature rubber balls dropped on piano strings, glassy bowing effects on the edges of gongs, other ideas both grotesque, ethereal. Original Varese label CD program also appears on CD 2. Tim Greiving provides informative booklet notes, Kay Marshall designs exciting package. Eric Tomlinson engineers at EMI Abbey Road Studios in December 1984, Henry Mancini composes, conducts the London Symphony Orchestra. Intrada Special Collection 2-CD set available while quantities and interest remain!


01. The Lifeforce Theme (Main Title) (2:23)

02. The Discovery (9:55)

03. The Discovery (Cont.) (6:58)

04. Rescue Mission (4:26)

05. The Vampire Lives (6:44)

06. Nervous Time (0:59)

07. No Longer Dangerous (0:46)

08. Feeding Time (With Strum) (4:27)

09. Prelude (0:40)

10. Carlsen’s Story (4:12)

11. Carlsen Sleeps (1:02)

12. Evil Visitation (1:20)

13. Energy Crisis (3:25)

14. It’s Immense (1:43)

15. Are You In There? (1:22)

16. Let Me Go! (2:38)

17. Chain Reaction (1:05)

18. Anyone For Tums (1:30)

19. Horny Alien (3:44)

20. Martial Law (2:07)

21. Call Of The Wild (2:17)

22. House Of Blue Lights (1:13)

23. The Web Of Destiny (2:54)

24. Son Of Web Of Destiny (3:06)

CD 1 Total Time: 74:42


01. Grandson Of Web Of Destiny (4:09)

02. The Lifeforce Theme (End Title) (3:32)

Score Pt. 2 Time: 7:41

LIFEFORCE – Total Score Time: 82:23


03. Lifeforce Theme (3:32)

04. Evil Visitation (2:20)

The Discovery Suite

05. Part I: Spacewalk (4:43)

06. Part II: Into The Alien Craft (3:06)

07. Part III: Exploration (2:48)

08. Part IV: Sleeping Vampires (2:56)

09. Carlsen’s Story (4:11)

10. The Girl In The Raincoat (3:28)

The Web Of Destiny

11. Part I (2:54)

12. Part II (2:53)

13. Part III (4:10)

Total Album Time: 37:11


14. Feeding Time (Without Strum) (2:58)

15. Son Of Web Of Destiny (Alternate Mix) (3:06)

16. Grandson Of Web Of Destiny (Alternate Mix) (4:12)

17. Brass Stings (0:25)

18. Vomit Scene No. 1 (1:01)

19. Vomit Scene No. 2 (1:01)

20. Wild Piano Series (2:24)

21. Bass Bow On Bowl (2:23)

22. Big Ball On Piano (0:35)

23. Waterphone Series (1:51)

24. Bowed Gong Series (1:42)

25. Super Ball On Gong (2:02)

26. Super Ball On Smaller Gong (1:26)

27. Nuts & Bolts Wind Chime (1:10)

28. Nail, Crystal And Plastic Wind Chimes (0:45)

29. Keys & Screws Wind Chime (0:50)

Total Extras Time: 25:08

CD 2 Total Time: 73:21

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