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Music composed by Jerry Goldsmith

Intrada - Limited edition


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At last! 2-CD set offers both complete Jerry Goldsmith original soundtrack (courtesy of 20th Century Fox) from legendary multi-Academy Award winning WWII film directed by Franklin J. Schaffner, with George C. Scott in dynamic title role PLUS first CD release of original 1970 Fox album Goldsmith recorded of his powerful score with London musicians (courtesy UMG). Much has been written about magnificent score, inventive use of trumpets playing triplet figures through echoplex (flutes do it, too!). Famous title march is masterful blend of triplets, exciting "patriotic" melody for piccolo, flute, trumpet, moving "religioso" line for organ, basses, low brass. Three musically diverse ideas work independently or meld perfectly, reflecting three complex facets of famous general. Intrada CD 1 presents complete soundtrack in chronological order (including opening trumpet salute recorded at sessions) then offers fascinating "extra" of trumpet echoplex session, spotlighting Goldsmith rehearsing & recording famous trumpet triplets with echoplex device. CD 2 offers first-ever CD release of 1970 album originally issued on 20th Century Fox label, presented from actual album masters. Goldsmith stated performance for these sessions were his favorite, offering best mixing of snare drum, crisp pizzicato strings, other details. Important difference between soundtrack and album versions: Film sequence necessarily presents almost all quiet music for first half then all loud music for second half. For album sessions, Goldsmith gives architecture of score more variety. Another striking difference: at album sessions, Goldsmith scored special dynamic fully-drawn version of his German march theme (quoted just twice in film in variations) to balance with familiar Patton march. Exciting arrangement made dramatic finish to first side of LP! Intrada presents this complete stereo album, including opening Patton speech (spoken by George C. Scott), closing speech as recorded for LP (mixed in mono with voice), then offers special world premiere "extra" of album end title in stereo without dialog! Julie Kirgo offers insights to film & score in detailed notes for booklet, original classic Fox LP artwork features on cover. Special two-disc set priced as a single disc! Jerry Goldsmith conducts both recordings. Intrada MAF series 2-CD set is definitive presentation of classic score, belongs in every film music library!

CD1 Original MOTION PICTURE Soundtrack

01. Patton Salute (Solo Bugle) (0:44)
02. Main Title (3:08)
03. The Battleground (2:14)
04. The Cemetery (2:42)
05. The First Battle (2:50)
06. The Funeral (1:54)
07. The Hospital (3:36)
08. The Prayer (1:11)
09. No Assignment (2:23)
10. Patton March (1:53)
11. Attack (3:15)
12. German Advance (2:32)
13. An Eloquent Man (1:43)
14. The Payoff (2:26)
15. A Change Of Weather (1:23)
16. Pensive Patton (0:16)
17. End Title (2:20)

Total Soundtrack Time: 37:03

Soundtrack Extra

18. Echoplex Session (5:29)

CD 1 Total Time: 42:43

CD2 Original 1970 Score Album

01. Patton Speech (4:54)
[spoken by George C. Scott]
02. Main Title (2:17)
03. The Battleground (2:19)
04. The First Battle (2:48)
05. Attack (3:14)
06. The Funeral (1:53)
07. Winter March (1:55)
08. Patton March (2:04)
09. No Assignment (1:59)
10. German Advance (2:31)
11. The Hospital (3:18)
12. The Payoff (2:22)
13. End Title & Speech (1:01)
[spoken by George C. Scott]

Total Score Album Time: 33:46

Album Extra

14. End Title [sans dialogue] (1:11)

CD 2 Total Time: 35:02