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Music Composed by Rachel Portman

Kronos Records - Limited Edition of 500 units

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Kronos Records is thrilled to work once again with Oscar-winning composer RACHEL PORTMAN (Emma, Legend Of Bagger Vance, Chocolat, Oliver Twist, The Cider House Rules and Still Life) this time for the Pat O'Connor's 2012 war-drama "Private Peaceful", based on a novel by Michael Morpurgo (author of War Horse)

Private Peaceful details the gritty rural lives and loves of the two young inseparable brothers Tommo and Charlie and their poor family from 1909 until 1916 Devonshire, when the outbreak of war destroys their country idyll. Both join up (one under age) leaving behind the beautiful Molly who is the love of both their lives.

Rachel Portman's music for PRIVATE PEACEFUL has all the Portman characteristics; the elegance and finesse we love about her work, a composition that verges on the spiritual that yet finds its way to a very sad, menacing and grim musical pathos that underscores the horrors of war, perfectly underscoring what is going on on the screen and in the minds and hearts of brothers Tommo and Charlie, whose bond could never be severed. A truly beautiful soundtrack by one of the most distinguished of contemporary composers. The Music was recorded by The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra at Barrandov Studios - Smecky Music Studio, Prague.

This release is limited to 500 copies and is guaranteed to disappear soon, so order this gem without hesitation.

1. Promises to Keep
2. Private Peaceful
3. Ten to Midnight
4. Wee, Sleekit, Cow'rin
5. Dust to Dust
6. Grandma Wolf
7. Old Hound
8. Looking for Work
9. Tommo Watches Molly
10. No Tomorrow Could Ever be as Good as Today
11. Oranges and Lemons
12. Tommo Joins Up
13. Sentry Duty
14. Gas Attack
15. Suffer the Little Children
16. Counter Attack
17. Molly Writes to Tommo
18. Bayonet Training
19. Inspecting Rifles
20. Father's Watch
21. Firing Squad
22. I Think I'm In Love