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Music composed by John Powell

Intrada - Limited edition

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Premiere CD release of rousing John Powell score for 2020 filming of Jack London canine classic! Harrison Ford leads cast, Omar Sy, Dan Stevens, Karen Gillan, Bradley Whitford support, Michael Green scripts, Chris Sanders directs, 20th Century Studios presents. Intrada, in association with 5 Cat Studios, releases CD of terrific John Powell score which melds evocative outdoor settings with exciting canine action, all based on famed Jack London book from 1903. Klondike Gold Rush of the 1890’s serves as backdrop to story of Buck, an abducted dog undergoing numerous adventures as member of dog sled team delivering mail, becoming friend to John Thornton (Ford), ultimately hearing and succumbing to “the call of the wild”. Powell scores with nods to expansive outdoor locations courtesy his 90-piece orchestra, augmented by a 60-voice choir. Results are vivid and colorful! As epic as Powell writes, a genuine highlight is very opening of score. Here, Powell launches with wide-open octave for piano, low strings, accordion while banjo introduces beginnings of haunting minor-key theme, weaving about with rich diversions into the major. Fiddle, ethnic winds arrive and bring folk-ish idea into focus. “Train North” opens orchestral colors considerably, giving melodic attention to soaring French horn amidst strings with chorus soon to follow. Intimacy of accordion, guitar, strings that open “Snowy Climb” quickly surrender to Powell’s launch of action-oriented elements with sturdy new theme in horns characterized by chopping rhythms in strings that propel the melody forward. Trumpets enter, ushering powerful statement of exciting theme into soaring heights. But Powell has much more to offer: Powerful, dark-limbed chorus takes score into dramatic new territory during “Sometimes Nature’s Cruel And Gods Fight”, with dynamic action becoming keynote. Powell infuses score with energy throughout! “Rewilding” combines riveting energy of his orchestra with chorus to create magnificent highlight, replete with trumpet fanfares and aggressive rhythmic orchestral accompaniment. “What An Adventure” balances earlier excitement with primary melodic material in gorgeous settings for strings first and later ethnic winds above warm choral support. John Powell produces generous 67-minute CD with Batu Sener, offers introductory paragraphs in booklet designed by Kay Marshall. Shawn Murphy records, mixes at Newman Scoring Stage & 5 Cat Studios. John Powell composes, conducts, delivers a winner!

01. Wake The Girls (2:37)
02. Train North (4:02)
03. Skagway, Alaska (2:31)
04. Snowy Climb (1:25)
05. First Sledding Attempt (2:27)
06. The Ghost Wolf Of Dreams (1:06)
07. Joining The Team (2:59)
08. Ice Rescue (2:26)
09. Sometimes Nature’s Cruel And Gods Fight (4:57)
10. Buck Takes The Lead (4:54)
11. We Carry Love (3:02)
12. Couldn’t Find The Words (2:22)
13. Overpacked Sled (2:31)
14. Newfangled Telegram (2:23)
15. In My Bed? (2:54)
16. Buck & Thornton’s Big Adventure (4:36)
17. Finding Bears And Love In The Woods (2:57)
18. They’re All Gone (2:51)
19. Rewilding (3:48)
20. Animal Nature (2:34)
21. Come Say Goodbye (2:09)
22. What An Adventure (3:01)
23. The Call Of The Wild (2:51)

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