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Music Composed by RANDY NEWMAN

Intrada / Disney

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Cool news! World premiere CD release of Randy Newman's exciting, colorful and sentimental soundtrack for finale to legendary animation trilogy from Walt Disney Pictures/Pixar Animation Studios, directed by Lee Unkrich, showcasing final adventures of Woody and Buzz Lightyear. Newman offers flavorful score rich with colorful Americana, rousing excitement, gentle nostalgia, warm sentiment. Walt Disney Records/Intrada co-branded CD premiere also features hit Randy Newman theme song "We Belong Together" and Spanish-language version of "You've Got A Friend In Me" that features in terrific storyline. Handsome packaging includes generous array of color stills, shots of composer Newman, director Unkrich at recording sessions, brief notes from both men plus lyrics for two songs. Stunning recording by David Boucher, vivid orchestrations by Jonathan Sacks, Don Davis & Randy Newman. Newman also conducts. Exciting addition to ongoing Disney-Intrada co-branded CD soundtrack series!

01. We Belong Together (4:02)
Performed by Randy Newman
02. You've Got a Friend in Me (2:14)
(Para el Buzz Espa_ol) Performed by Gipsy Kings
03. Cowboy! (4:10)
04. Garbage? (2:40)
05. Sunnyside (2:20)
06. Woody Bails (4:40)
07. Come to Papa (2:05)
08. Go See Lotso (3:36)
09. Bad Buzz (2:21)
10. You Got Lucky (5:58)
11. Spanish Buzz (3:31)
12. What About Daisy? (2:07)
13. To the Dump (3:50)
14. The Claw (3:56)
15. Going Home (3:22)
16. So Long (4:55)
17. Zu-Zu (Ken's Theme) (0:34)