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FormatLP (VINYL)

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World vinyl premiere of original score from mega-hit fourth installment of wildly popular Rocky saga, starring Sylvester Stallone as iconic boxer, with Talia Shire, Burt Young, Carl Weathers - and formidable Russian opponent Dolph Lundgren. Original 1985 album featured songs plus two excerpts from score. Intrada release offers entire score by Vince DiCola, including his arrangement of classic "Theme from Rocky" by Bill Conti. Unleashed at last is rich score, initially for keyboards, ultimately for large orchestra. Many highlights include haunting piano/cello theme for "Apollo's Death and Funeral", powerful "Up the Mountain" sequence, dynamic "Training Montage", powerhouse "War", epic "Knockout" for full orchestra. Intrada presents score in crisp, punchy stereo mixed directly from original 24-track digital masters courtesy of Sony. Vivid artwork courtesy of MGM, enthusiastic liner notes by Daniel Schweiger. Major gap in Rocky soundtrack series is delivered with this dynamic score release from Intrada! Vinyl release includes premium 180 gram vinyl album and deluxe UV-coated, full-color gatefold jacket with artwork title on spine, enclosed in thick polywrap bag! Vince DiCola composes, produces. Jeremy Lubbock orchestrates, conducts.

Side 1
01. Theme From ROCKY (2:58)
02. Gym (2:06)
03. Paulie's Robot (0:42)
04. Anniversary (1:42)
05. Drago Suite (2:15)
06. Apollo's Death And Funeral (2:58)
07. Stairs (0:59)
08. Rocky And Son (2:01)

Side 2
01. Training Montage (5:10)
02. Up The Mountain (1:51)
03. Pre-Fight (2:06)
04. Drago's Entrance (1:02)
05. War (4:39)
06. Knockout (0:34)
07. Victory (0:53)