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Musique de Giovanni Fusco

Digitmovies - Édition limitée à 300 exemplaires

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We are releasing on CD, for the very first time in full edition, Giovanni Fusco’s “The Cossacks” OST.

Giovanni Fusco (Sant'Agata de' Goti, October 10th, 1908 – Rome, June 1st, 1968) composed a symphonic commentary masterfully directed by Carlo Savina. The composer created a dramatic main theme alternated to russian dances, coral tracks, waltzes, polkas, quadrilles, battle musics and a moving love theme that often recurs in the soundtrack. We used mono master tapes of the session of that time, which allowed us to assemble a 73:23-minutes-long CD. Another CD dedicated to the great Giovanni Fusco, Michelangelo Antonioni’ s favorite musician.

To control the Circassians, submissive but not subdued, the Russians take young Jamal, son the chief Chamil, hostage. Jamal is sent to Petersburg, where he attends a military school. The young man pledges allegiance to the Zar. He even saves his life, which outrages his dad who, in the meantime, decides to go back to the guerrilla warfare. Russian troops, leaded by Price Voronzoff, act against the Circassians. Chamil imprisons Jamal and Tatiana, Voronzoff’s daughter, whom Jamal loves. After lots of adventures the two manage to escape.

1. I COSACCHI (Titoli) 2:06
2. I COSACCHI (coro) 2:28
3. I COSACCHI (praterie dell'est) 2:13
4. I COSACCHI (marcia) 4:38
5. I COSACCHI (atmosfera rurale) 8:26
6. I COSACCHI (momento malinconico) 7:53
7. I COSACCHI (marcia #2) 4:37
8. I COSACCHI (attimi festosi) 2:07
9. I COSACCHI (polka) 1:12
10. I COSACCHI (al tramonto) 3:06
11. I COSACCHI (valzer) 3:02
12. I COSACCHI (tema d'amore) 7:24
13. I COSACCHI (marcia #3) 1:32
14. I COSACCHI (momento tensivo) 2:46
15. I COSACCHI (danza) 2:16
16. I COSACCHI (quadriglia) 2:31
17. I COSACCHI (danza #2) 3:26
18. I COSACCHI (attesa) 2:39
19. I COSACCHI (canzone gitana) 1:21
20. I COSACCHI (incontro d'amore) 0:59
21. I COSACCHI (battaglia) 2:48
22. I COSACCHI (l'amore trionfa) 1:52
23. I COSACCHI (Finale) 1:05