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Musique composée par Lorne Balfe

Silva Screen


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Philip Pullman’s award-winning trilogy is considered a modern masterpiece of imaginative fiction and has sold over 18 million copies worldwide. His Dark Materials series two launched in the UK with over 5.8 million viewers on BBC One and, to date, both series have been requested over 30 million times on BBC iPlayer, with numbers increasing throughout series two.

Alongside the music for series two this release includes a further musical anthology from Lorne Balfe of newly composed principal themes from the second series.

“Writing the score for season two was a fantastic experience due to being able to delve into the musical world of Cittàgazze.” says Lorne. “Recording the score had its challenges due to COVID. Musicians and singers from Inverness, Cardiff, London, Vienna and Bulgaria contributed to this season’s soundtrack and made the music come alive.”

“Penned by Grammy Award-winning composer Lorne Balfe (Mission: Impossible – Fallout, The Crown, The Dark Knight), a protegé of Hans Zimmer, the show’s elegant score is awash with spellbinding themes and beautifully twisted backdrops comparable to some of Howard Shore’s work on the Lord Of The Rings trilogy. Without it, one of the most exciting show’s in recent years would be very different”.

1. A Parallel Sky
2. Tortured Witch
3. Land of Spectres
4. He’s A Murderer
5. Magisterium’s New Era
6. The Chosen Two
7. The Witches’ Envoy
8. Study The Dark Matter
9. Kiss The Ring
10. Journey Ahead
11. A Once Great City
12. O Little Knife
13. Queen of the Southern Lakes
14. The Other Side of the Window
15. Let’s Do It Together
16. Matter of Dust
17. The Knife will Protect You

1. The Key to the Multiverse
2. Giacomo Paradisi
3. Kaisa Reveal
4. Beyond the Aurora
5. The Female Scholar
6. Fly, Spectres!
7. Farewell
8. Interdimensional Travelers
9. Indomitable Courage
10. My Child
11. A Mystic Explorer
12. I Had A Best Friend
13. Lee’s Choice
14. Beyond The Waterfall
15. Fates Intertwined
16. The End of Tyranny
17. Goodbye Explorer
18. The Eve of War
19. The Subtle Knife
20. Play the Serpent
21. Dark Materials: Between the Worlds
22. A Spectre’s Playground
23. A New Cardinal Rises
24. The Witch Queen of Lake Lubana
25. Children of The Prophecy
26. The City In The Sky
27. The Shaman

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