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Bronislau Kaper’s phenomenal versatility made him an ideal choice for a variety of film genres during his two and a half decades of work at M-G-M. Much of his output has already been explored by previous FSM releases, but this limited-edition, six-film 3CD set (limited to 1,200 copies) fills in some important gaps in the Kaper discography.

Disc One includes three scores from the 1950s, each a model of economy distinguished by Kaper’s melodic gift and unerring dramatic skill. The Power and the Prize (1956) was a contemporary fable about corporate greed, but its music focuses on a lush and florid romantic theme that is subjected to variations throughout the film. Her Twelve Men (1954) was a sort of female Goodbye, Mr. Chips, and it mines a more sentimental vein, centered on a school song that Kaper effortlessly blends into his underscore. Somebody Up There Likes Me (1956, conducted by Miklós Rózsa) was based on the autobiography of prizefighter Rocky Graziano; it includes a few cues of urban-tinged symphonic jazz (à la Leonard Bernstein’s On the Waterfront) plus developments of its hymn-like title song.

Disc Two features two scores Kaper wrote just prior to Mutiny on the Bounty(FSM Vol. 7, No. 16): Ada and Two Loves (both 1961). Although the films are largely forgotten today, Kaper contributed a dramatic and sensitive score to each, characterized by his penchant for effective understatement. The music is pithy, not epic—and often brooding. Much of Ada (a melodramatic tale of political corruption in the South) is especially somber, painted in dark orchestral colors (low strings, clarinet, English horn); Two Loves (which featured Shirley MacLaine as an expatriate American in a complicated romantic triangle) is leavened by more expansive writing which reflects the Northern New Zealand setting. These scores also demonstrate Kaper’s skill in weaving music by others into the fabric of his own; Ada makes use of a gospel number (“May the Lord Bless You Real Good”) and Two Loves incorporates one of Liszt’s Transcendental Etudes for piano.

The final disc is devoted to one of Kaper’s most-requested titles: the hard-hitting contemporary drama, BUtterfield 8 (1960). The score, while traditionally symphonic, is suffused with an undertone of jazz that reflects the sultry, Oscar-winning performance by Elizabeth Taylor as a sophisticated “escort” who wants desperately to find true love. From its extraordinary opening sequence (nearly nine minutes of music virtually uninterrupted by dialogue) to its tragic dénouement, Kaper’s sophisticated music brings operatic depth to the film’s turbulent emotions. Its saxophone-driven main theme is one of the most popular tunes by this master melodist; it is known to fans in countless cover versions, but the original soundtrack has never been available—until now.

This compilation includes the complete orchestral scores for all six films (two vocals are not included due to licensing restrictions) and, as always, numerous bonus tracks—including a spill-over from FSM’s Mutiny on the Bounty. All but Somebody Up There Likes Me are presented in stereo. The booklet, designed by Joe Sikoryak, includes concise background information on the films and their music by Frank K. DeWald, plus track lists, film stills and posters. More extensive essays and full track-by-track commentaries in the finest FSM tradition are available online.


    The Power and the Prize (1956)

    Music Composed by Bronislau Kaper

    Conducted by John Green
    Main Title 1:31
    It Will 0:22
    Fifth Floor 1:16
    Concerto in B-Flat Minor (Frédéric Chopin)/In the Rain 1:38
    Claridge 4:45
    Miriam/Let's Go 1:16
    Flowers 0:56
    In the Park 3:00
    Come In 1:10
    Because 0:37
    Salt 0:59
    Any Time/What Is It?/Gone 2:31
    End Title/Cast 0:37
    Spinning Song (Felix Mendelssohn) 1:46

    Total Time: 22:57

    Her Twelve Men (1954)

    Music Composed by Bronislau Kaper

    Conducted by John Green
    Main Title and Prologue 2:46
    I Am a Creep/Frog/Jan's Montage 2:38
    Hot Chocolate 2:59
    Class Room Montage 0:27
    Let Yourself Go/Dick Ignored 0:29
    Letter for You 1:05
    Beyond the Call of Duty 3:46
    Jan & Dick Return/Faculty Meeting 1:29
    Commencement 0:49
    Bobby's Letter/Bobby Asleep 2:30
    End Title and Cast 0:57

    Total Time: 20:17

    Source Music
    Dormitory Radio 1:54
    Dinner for Three 2:44
    Oh! Mighty Oaks! (Bronislau Kaper & Charles Wolcott) 0:38

    Total Time: 5:19

    Somebody Up There Likes Me (1956)

    Music Composed by Bronislau Kaper

    Conducted by Miklós Rózsa and John Green
    Main Title (demo vocal by Bill Lee) 4:00
    “L” Train/Little Grease Ball/Flight 1:44
    F.B.I./Detectives 1:24
    Fight Montage 1:15
    See Me Fight 0:56
    Never 1:40
    Courthouse/Baby 3:53
    Definitely/Peppo 0:56
    Fight Off 1:12
    Headlines/Fix and A Thief Again/Gone 1:38
    Somebody Up There Likes Me—Walking Sequence 1:38
    End Cast 0:34

    Total Time: 21:14

    Bonus Tracks
    Alice & Dave 0:43
    Bribe #1 (Dinner for Three) 1:11
    Bribe #2 1:08
    Main Title Lead In/End Title Sweetener 0:27
    End Cast 0:34
    End Cast—New 0:25

    Total Time: 4:37

    Total Disc Time: 74:47


    Ada (1961)

    Music Composed by Bronislau Kaper

    Conducted by Robert Armbruster

    Song: “May the Lord Bless You Real Good” by Warren Roberts and Wally Fowler
    Main Title/May the Lord Bless You Real Good 2:22
    Ada 2:35
    The Proposal 1:55
    Pardon Me 0:48
    Barbecue 2:14
    Governor/The Office/Life Is a Wonder/Wait and See 3:18
    Tea Party 0:48
    Sylvester/Ronnie 1:05
    Visit 0:55
    The Car/Hospital/I Don't Care 5:19
    Elected/Alice/End Title 2:17

    Total Time: 23:58

    Source Music
    May the Lord Bless You Real Good 1:13
    May the Lord Bless You Real Good 1:11
    May the Lord Bless You Real Good 1:20
    May the Lord Bless You Real Good 2:02
    Don't Blame Me (Jimmy McHugh & Dorothy Fields) 3:18
    Should I (Nacio Herb Brown & Arthur Freed) 1:41

    Total Time: 10:54

    Two Loves (1961)

    Music Composed by Bronislau Kaper

    Conducted by Robert Armbruster
    Main Title 2:34
    Brandy 1:46
    You're Right (revised version) 1:21
    Alone 3:01
    Come In 0:40
    Eugene 3:16
    Mountains/Paul 1:43
    Afraid of Men 1:13
    Don't 3:21
    Death 2:15
    Tea/Anna 2:41
    Carnation 1:32
    End 0:15
    You're Right (original version) 1:19

    Total Time: 27:31

    Total Disc Time: 62:35


    BUtterfield 8 (1960)

    Music Composed by Bronislau Kaper

    Conducted by Robert Armbruster
    Main Title 1:54
    The Next Morning/The Dress/The Note/The Bottle 7:16
    Hi, Girls/Lipstick 1:45
    At the Door/Augie’s No. 1 4:07
    The Boat 1:53
    The Slut/If Only 5:07
    The Coat 1:22
    The Lighter/My Way 1:18
    Night Club/Liar 2:07
    A Face 3:04
    Night Club #6 3:09
    Night Club #7/A Lousy Coat 3:42
    Let Me Cry 2:32
    Stay Here 2:19
    Goodbye, Mama 1:33
    Juke Box 4:03
    End Title 0:17

    Total Time: 48:06

    Additional Source Music
    Off Stage/On Stage/Steve at Work/Chords (piano) 1:05
    Theme From BUtterfield 8 & Doctor Sunday 7:13
    Bagdad Junior 1:41
    Night Club #3 0:54
    While My Lady Sleeps 0:50

    Total Time: 11:54

    Mutiny on the Bounty (1962)

    Music Composed by Bronislau Kaper, Conducted by Robert Armbruster
    Finale (alternate record version) 4:45

    Total Disc Time: 64:58